Pokémon– Kenny: ENFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Dominant Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Kenny puts others’ emotions before his own. He commiserates with Dawn when she doesn’t make the battle rounds of a contest, even when he qualifies. He also doesn’t put pressure on his Pokemon when they lose battles, preferring to take the blame for himself instead. Kenny tries hard to conceal his feelings for Dawn, as he is unsure how she (or Ash or Brock) will receive them; his main recourse is to tease Dawn about her nickname (“Dee Dee”). When he lets slip certain indicators of how he feels (and Dawn doesn’t notice), he resorts to desperate measures to keep Ash quiet. Upon meeting Ash and Brock, he makes sure to get in their good books right away (by telling funny stories about Dawn), and he befriends Barry, a trainer from his hometown, immediately upon meeting him.

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Sansa Stark: ENFJ

Guest post by Debaparna Das, INFJ

A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin


Dominant Fe: Sansa’s personality is shaped largely by the customs, morals, and standards upheld in Westerosi society, particularly in the South, as taught to her by her Septa, under the guidance of her mother. She is immensely skilled at the courtesies followed in court, and Septa Mordane’s instruction to her, “Courtesy is a lady’s armour”, becomes her mantra, something she comes to depend on for guarding herself in the face of extreme pressure. She draws her sense of self-worth from her ability to practice social niceties and navigate social strata flawlessly. This ability is what essentially keeps her alive during her time in King’s Landing as hostage of the Lannisters. She keeps up a facade of obedience and meekness, that often gets taken for Continue reading

Duke Leto Atreides: ENFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Dune series, Frank Herbert

Duke Leto Atreides ENFJ | Dune #MBTI #ENFJ

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Leto is blessed with charisma, and is very popular among the noble families of the empire – so much so that even the emperor himself is afraid of his influence. Even though he realizes the necessity of waging war against the Harkonnens, he hates actually doing it, because it requires the killing of people who just happen to be in the way. Leto is someone who cares very much about others: not only his family, but also lowly people he doesn’t know, and the lengths he goes to in order to help people out can win over even those who expected the worst of him. When he is assigned to govern Arrakis, he would rather work with the native Fremen than work against them. Continue reading

Sir Robert Chiltern: ENFJ

An Ideal Husband, Oscar Wilde

An Ideal Husband MBTI

Fe: Sir Robert is an exceptional communicator, and adapts his behavior to circumstance. He knows how to figure out what he wants and changes his language and behavior to fit the needs of others. He exaggerates his flattery when he has to and tones it down when others don’t need it. He’s not very stubborn, and easily agrees to change his position on arguments when coerced. Like most of Wilde’s characters, Sir Robert is morally flexible. He doesn’t make up his own moral code, but rather, molds himself to fit other people’s desires. Continue reading

Misty – Pokemon: ENFJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Misty ENFJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENFJ

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Misty is a bundle of emotion who has no trouble expressing happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, or whatever else she is feeling.  She is also very accommodating to the emotions and wishes of others; even though she bears psychological scars from the constant teasing of her sisters, she helps them out in whatever way she can.  She steps in to star in a last-minute show that they wrote and produced, and when she leaves Continue reading

Isobel Crawley: ENFJ

Downton Abbey

Isobel Crawley ENFJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Fe: Isobel loves to help people, and tends to involve herself in pretty much everything in order to benefit others. She’s incredibly accommodating over her servants she gains her energy from doing things to help other people. She turns Downton into a veteran hospital and then does everything she can to make sure it’s in order. She has Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King ENFJ | MBTI

Dominant Fe: King was incredibly good at appealing to people’s emotions, and that’s what made him such a powerful motivational speaker. His writings are full of emotional appeals, and all of these appeals relate to people on a universal level, rather than simply relating to his own experiences. Luther’s life’s work was a purely ethical endeavour and he was willing to sacrifice everything he had in order to help others. Even when Continue reading

Elisabeth Bennett: ENFJ

Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen

Elizabeth Bennett ENFJ | Pride and Prejudice MBTI

Dominant Fe: Lizzie is a tease, and she knows how to joke without being offensive (though not everyone gets her sense of humor). She teases so often that she even has a tough time being serious when her sister wants a serious answer from her. She always states her feelings expressly, but does so in a disguised joking manner so that others can’t tell her true feelings. As a result, it takes her ages to learn how to communicate with Mr. Darcy, who is blunt and straight forward in his talk. Lizzie is a romantic and would never marry for money. She is easily insulted, and openly shares her prejudice with others. She becomes friends with Mr. Wickham purely because she shares his resentment for Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth Bennett ENFJ | Pride and Prejudice MBTI

Auxiliary Ni: Though Lizzie considers herself an excellent judge of other’s character, her opinions of others are often based off of false impressions and born out of her emotions. She stubbornly refuses to change her opinions, and as a result, it takes her a long time to see what people are truly like. Lizzie thinks long term, aiming for a happy marriage, rather than a financially enlightening one. She also considers how her behavior will impact her family’s reputation and doesn’t always approve of her sister’s behavior. When she realizes her faults, she changes for good. She does everything within her power to put right any wrongs she has done and fervently goes after what she believes is right.

Elizabeth Bennett ENFJ | Pride and Prejudice MBTI

Tertiary Se: Lizzie enjoys nature and makes time for lengthy walks and attending parties. She has little problem adjusting to group dynamics, and can converse easily with just about anyone. She is impatient and does not necessarily like to sit still for long periods of time. She pays close attention to her environment and watches other people’s behavior to try to judge their character. She is adaptable to change and willingly steps in to help others at the last minute (for instance, walking miles to visit her ill sister). Her adaptability carries over into conversation, where she acts to prevent uncomfortable topics from continuing.

Elizabeth Bennett ENFJ | Pride and Prejudice MBTI

Inferior Ti: Lizzie has a difficult time differentiating between truth and her own prejudices. She does not stop to consider other people’s perspectives until she realizes her own faults, and this often takes a long time, because she typically sees herself in a very positive light. In general, she has trouble accepting other people’s criticisms about herself and the people she loves. She doesn’t readily recognize the logical reasons for Darcy’s actions and as a result, she assumes that he is cruel and inconsiderate.

I’ve seen Lizzie typed as an INFJ in many places. However, I believe that if this were the case, her difficulties in understanding Mr. Darcy’s introverted tendencies would not have been so great.