Dr. James Wilson: INFJ

House MD

Wilson INFJ | House MD MBTI

Ni: Wilson is the only person who actually gets along with House, and feels comfortable enough around him to tease him. He intuitively notices things about House that nobody else can see. He’s one of the few people that doesn’t judge House’s insufficiencies, but he isn’t afraid to call him on them with suggestions for improvement. He and House both throw Ni predictions around, though Wilson certainly does so in a kinder way. He likes to talk poetically.

Wilson INFJ | House MD MBTI

Fe: As House says, Wilson has a love pathology. He emotionally invests himself in everyone to the point that it can be a problem for him. He picks up on other people’s emotions more than his own and will do other their dirty work for them rather than watch them suffer through it. He worries enough about what other people think that he’s responsible — unlike House.

Wilson INFJ | House MD MBTI

Ti: Wilson critiques House’s logic objectively, unlike the majority of people, who critique him emotionally. He’s the only person who can talk sense into House when he’s being unreasonable. He’s good at getting people to calm down, but not only in an emotional way. Once he calms them down, he can get them to think rationally.

Wilson INFJ | House MD MBTI

Se: Wilson pays attention to sensory information, such that he’s able to catch on to symptoms that other doctors miss. Under stress, he can make spontaneous decisions that he regrets –especially if other people’s emotions are involved.

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  1. ISFJ would make more sense for Wilson because he gets affected by the past much more than an INFJ would have. He is unhappy with his marriage failures from the past and Amber’s death, also shows Si care for traditions by forcing House to go to his father’s funeral. His allegedly Ni predictions are actually Si too, as he is a skilled doctor.


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