Antisocial Extraverts & Social Introverts

“Hi, I’ve taken the test a lot and I always get typed ESTJ, but I don’t feel like an extravert because I don’t always want to be with people. At the same time, everyone I’ve asked tells me I communicate like a total extravert. Could I be a mix between ISTJ and ESTJ?”

Not likely. My advice to you would be to learn more about the functions and determine your type based on that rather than any of the MBTI tests. The tests can be rather inaccurate because a lot of the questions are interpretively ambiguous.

Antisocial Extraverts

Remember Mycroft? Whom I retyped from ISTJ to ESTJ a while back? (based on the functions). He’s what you might call and antisocial extravert. His cognitive functions work in the order of an ESTJ, but he doesn’t necessarily need to be around people to get energized.

There are plenty of extraverts who –usually due to environmental factors and experience– don’t necessarily want to be around people constantly. For instance, people with depression and PTSD tend to behave more introverted, regardless of their MBTI function hierarchy.

When it comes to typing, I go off the hierarchy first, introverted/extraverted orientation second.

The concept can also be flipped for introverts.

Social Introverts

One of my favourite INTPs goes to work and basically fakes being an extravert for the majority of the day (I’m not capable of doing that), to the point that the people he works with have no idea that he needs to retreat to solitude for a couple hours after he goes home. He’s always the last one in his family to want to leave a social setting, to the point that we sometimes have to drag him away (yep, this includes his extraverted children).


3 thoughts on “Antisocial Extraverts & Social Introverts

  1. You mentioned the INTP that pretends to be extroverted at work. I find myself in a similar situation with how I behave at school. Do you have any plans to elaborate on the subject of pretending to be a different type based on situation or if you have already done so, could you direct me to a related article?


  2. Great post. I am a member of an introverts group online, and tbh, I find that I sometimes get more frustrated with the posts there than being, “Yeah, I totally resonate with this sentiment!” Which got me questioning whether I am deep down, I’m actually a very shy extrovert. But none of the extraverted cognitive functions look like my dominant function. It may also be my current life stage clouding things, being unemployed and hiding myself away from embarrassment, yet still longing to meet up with close friends because it’s been a long while.


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