Dr. Gregory House: INTJ

House MD

Factors to consider: Possible PTSD or some other form of dissociative disorder due to childhood abuse

Gregory House INTJ |House MD #INTJ #MBTI

Ni: House uses primarily intuition to figure out what’s wrong with people. He can pull paradoxical information together to reach out-of-the-box conclusions that surprise other people, but are usually right. House is a believer in universal truths (such as, “everybody lies”) and comes up with systems to discover and apply them to situations (NiTe). Continue reading

Antisocial Extraverts & Social Introverts

“Hi, I’ve taken the test a lot and I always get typed ESTJ, but I don’t feel like an extravert because I don’t always want to be with people. At the same time, everyone I’ve asked tells me I communicate like a total extravert. Could I be a mix between ISTJ and ESTJ?”

Not likely. My advice to you would be to learn more about the functions and determine your type based on that rather than any of the MBTI tests. The tests can be rather inaccurate because a lot of the questions are interpretively ambiguous.

Antisocial Extraverts

Remember Mycroft? Whom I retyped from ISTJ to ESTJ a while back? (based on the functions). He’s what you might call and antisocial extravert. His cognitive functions work in the order of an ESTJ, but he doesn’t necessarily need to be around people to get Continue reading

Mycroft Holmes: the British Government, or ESTJ

Why Mycroft Holmes is an ESTJ

First off, we should answer the question of why Mycroft is definitely not an intuitive. The two most commonly suggested intuitive types for Mycroft are INTP and INTJ, both of which, I’m not sorry to say, are impossible.

Why he’s not an INTJ 

Mycroft makes a lot of assumptions based on his own personal experience rather than relying on intuition to guide him in reading people. He’s very sentimental and hates Sherlock’s unconventionality. That said, he’s most certainly not an Ni dom, but rather, carries a strong Si as one of his top two functions.

Why he’s not an INTP

Do we really think Mycroft is a Ti dom? Honestly, he thrives off of being able to run and organise everything. He is the british government. Mycroft is rather controlling and wants everything to be in order and done his way –ergo, strong Te preference.

That leaves us with ISTJ and ESTJ.

Most people haven’t really even considered ESTJ as an option simply because they see Mycroft as being very antisocial. Yet, there Continue reading

Mycroft Holmes: ESTJ


Mycroft Holmes ESTJ ISTJ |Sherlock MBTI

Dominant Te: Mycroft is all about order and organization. He evidently “is the British government” and has a large compendium of people to whom he delegates tasks. His plans tend to be expansive, detailed and always quickly put into action. He hates it when Sherlock’s snooping interfere with any of the long-term plans he’s put into place and comes to his apartment directly tell him to stop. He likes to be in control of everything, and that often includes taking charge of his brother’s life as well (much to Sherlock’s loathing). Mycroft dislikes his emotions and seems almost to take pride in dismissing “sentiment.” He pretends Continue reading