Terry Pratchett: INTP

Terry Pratchett INTP ENTP MBTI

Ti: Logic according to Terry Pratchett may not necessarily be empirical or fitting with the general standards, but it’s darn funny. Any possibility is open when it comes to occurrences in his books. He’s picky about words in a particularly TiNe way.

Terry Pratchett INTP ENTP MBTI

Ne: Terry Pratchett’s work is full of imagery and connections that are unexpected and beautiful simply because of that fact. He makes connections where others simply glance and pass by, and he has a clear Ne-style satire running through nearly every sentence in his work. He can always spot new ways of viewing the world, and has little trouble finding ways to present ordinary events as extraordinary.

Terry Pratchett INTP ENTP MBTI

Si: Terry Pratchett has a vast store of seemingly random facts that he can apply to any situation. He appreciates the past, and likes to mix historical time periods in his writing (have people from one place live like victorians and those from another live like 20th century tourists, and meet up in a clash of culture).

Terry Pratchett INTP ENTP MBTI

Fe: Terry Pratchett’s characters, although unique and unusual are often (not always) universally relatable. And if their personalities aren’t relatable, at least their shortcomings are. Often, he writes from generalisations about experiences rather than focusing on experiences that are unique to individuals.

Terry Pratchett died a few days ago, so I’m interrupting the queue to put this post in. Neil Gaiman wrote a post about it on his journal.


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