Wednesday Addams: INTJ

The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams INTJ MBTI

Dominant Ni: Wednesday is excellent at predicting the future, whether it’s events or people’s intentions. She can read beneath the surface to understand the implications that people’s motivations and actions will have. She knows who to trust and how to manipulate people to create chaos. She enjoys using her uncanny abilityto read between the lines to mess around with people’s emotions and frighten them. She plans ahead and strategizes to get what she wants and does so in a way that shows long-term future visions along with the patience to go through the steps to get there.

Wednesday Addams INTJ MBTI

Auxiliary Te: Wednesday is an organised person who knows how to organise other people to action in order to get what she wants. She tests out methods for killing babies on her brother and employs her other brother in her schemes. She is blunt and faction in her communication. She usually has a snarky, blunt response for pretty much everything and doesn’t put a filter on anything (“They had sex”). Wednesday’s decisions are purely logical and she is bothered by people who make emotional decisions.

Wednesday Addams INTJ MBTI

Tertiary Fi: Wednesday’s emotions are rarely visible in her expressions or voice, to the point that it freaks people out, however, they show up in her actions. She doesn’t like her new little brother, so she tries to kill him in a myriad of different ways. Wednesday’s emotions also come out in the way that she chooses to dress: black. She only makes friends with people who have similar feelings (she bonds with the other weirdo at camp). She also has the tendency to get annoyed with people who seek attention or “play the victim.”

Wednesday Addams INTJ MBTI

Inferior Se: Wednesday observes her exterior world very closely and uses it to her advantage. She is interested in experiencing new things (body-wise), such as being electrocuted or engaging in various wild activities. She gets annoyed with people who talk too much.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Addams: INTJ

  1. My school is doing the Broadway musical version of The Addams Family. What I do not like about the musical is that the writers decided to tone down all of Wednesday’s INTJ characteristics. Why? Because she has to be in love with someone who is “normal.” She even begs her family to be normal for once. When I heard about this musical, I began to realize how fictional and real life female INTJs are often misinterpreted by other people. I am disappointed that the writers would tone down Wednesday’s personality rather than to seek to understand her and portray her accurately.


    • It hurts. My brain hurts just thinking about all of the anti-feminism that must be going on at your school. I’ve met plenty of female INTJs, and they’re in the same boat as you…I admire you for continuing to row.


      • What is very ironic about the musical is that in relation to an original character in the show, there are subtle feminist statements yet Wednesday does not get those. Many kids in my school have not heard of The Addams Family and thus do not know the original interpretation.

        Thank you very much for the compliment. I am actually an ISFJ with an INTJ dad though. I really appreciate an INTJ’s perspective. My dad really encourages my Ti and Ne and I feel he has really helped me develop as a human being.



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