Jordan Baker: ESTP

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jordan Baker ESTP | The Great Gatsby MBTI

Dominant Se: Jordan Baker is an athlete (despite the gender norms of the day) and is successful in that career. Jordan loves new experiences, parties and doing nothing bores her to death. She’s a bit of a swindler when it comes to both people and life. Based on the looks she and Tom exchange, we can assume that she’s not so pure as Nick initially believes. She values beautiful things and is well up to date with the times –aka she’s a flapper extraordinare. Jordan takes advantage of opportunities as they present themselves and manages to be much more successful in life than Daisy despite the fact that she’s neither rich or brilliant.

Jordan Baker ESTP | The Great Gatsby MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: Jordan is hard and cold. She says she hates “careless people” and that’s where her attrition to Nick develops. She doesn’t seem overly hurt when she and Nick’s relationship disappears and she always seems to be annoyed with everyone talking about pointless things ever. She’s very practical, intelligent, but doesn’t really speak her thoughts. She likes to make fun of people’s emotional decisions.

Jordan Baker ESTP | The Great Gatsby MBTI

Tertiary Fe: Jordan sways with the norms of the times (flapper, jazz, drinking, yeah!?). Her apparel is grander than Daisy’s (though she’s not richer). Though she doesn’t particularly care  about other people’s feelings, she’s quite aware of them and acts as a rebound to connect them all together. Her moral code matches that of the world at the time and her personal feelings aren’t really affected by the tragedies that occur in the book.

Jordan Baker ESTP | The Great Gatsby MBTI

Inferior Ni: Jordan usually seems to have a vague hunch for what’s likely to come of current events. She doesn’t really pay attention to the consequences of her actions, but she does plan ahead long term. She tends to be a bit haughty and condescending in her air towards others.


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