INTJ Humor vs xNTP Humor

*I spelled Humour the American way in the title because the majority of my readers are American.*

INTJ Humor vs ENTP Humor

Have you ever noticed how people who like Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are more likely to enjoy Doctor Who, Sherlock, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? This is intuitive humour at its finest.

(Psst! If you liked any of the former fandoms, you should read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell!)

Intuitive MBTI types tend to enjoy wordplay related sarcasm, deadpan and hyperbole, especially NT types. The differences between Extraverted Intuitive (Ne) and Introverted Intuitive (Ni) humour are subtle, but I’m going to attempt to dispel those differences. Continue reading

Adora Belle Dearheart – Discworld: ESTJ

Going Postal, Terry Pratchett

Adorabel Dearheart ESTJ | Discworld Going Postal MBTI

Dominant Te: Adora is action oriented and likes to be in charge. Once she figures out what she wants, she devises a plan of action and implements it without interruption for anything. She gets annoyed with Lipwig when she feels he’s taking over the Golems because she’s protective of her control over them (despite what she Continue reading

Susan Sto Helit: INTJ

Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

Discworld Hogfather MBTI Susan INTJ

Dominant Ni: Susan recognizes problems in the blink of an eye. She knows when people are not telling her everything and immediately sets out to figure out the truth. She’s an adept problem solver who thinks in long-term big-picture images. She is able to pick up on the bigger implications that lie behind Death’s visit before consulting  further evidence. Susan is future oriented and easily sets aside whims of the present in order Continue reading

Death – Discworld: INTP

Discworld Series, Terry Pratchett

Discworld Hogfather Death INTP MBTI Dead

Dominant Ti: Death doesn’t rely on his own emotions to go about solving problems. He understands how the world works and prefers to work from behind the scenes to fix it. At the same time, if he doesn’t have to fix it, he won’t. He is a man personification of few words, and doesn’t talk any more than he finds absolutely necessary. He gets annoyed at length emotional rants (Rincewind) and prefers a simple, rational approach to everything. He doesn’t like to take sides, and has a bit of trouble with conflict, especially when Continue reading

Mr. Teatime: ENTP

Discworld: Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

Mr. Teatime ENTP | Discworld Hogfather MBTI

Dominant Ne: Mr. Teatime is a pro at reading people. He quickly figures out their weaknesses and uses these to manipulate them. He lives in the realm of possibility so much that when asked whether he might be able to kill personifications, he has already considered the possibility and analyzed the ways to go about it. He’s a planner, but willingly deviates from said plan whenever better possibilities present themselves. He views life in terms of the big picture, and rather than trying an conventional Continue reading