Death – Discworld: INTP

Discworld Series, Terry Pratchett

Discworld Hogfather Death INTP MBTI Dead

Dominant Ti: Death doesn’t rely on his own emotions to go about solving problems. He understands how the world works and prefers to work from behind the scenes to fix it. At the same time, if he doesn’t have to fix it, he won’t. He is a man personification of few words, and doesn’t talk any more than he finds absolutely necessary. He gets annoyed at length emotional rants (Rincewind) and prefers a simple, rational approach to everything. He doesn’t like to take sides, and has a bit of trouble with conflict, especially when anger is directed at him by his loved ones (Susan). He isn’t outwardly reactive…in fact, the only emotion that ever comes out of him is in his voice and actions. Death doesn’t like to act right away. He tends to take his time on decisions and doesn’t like to take the initiative unless he absolutely has to.

Discworld Hogfather Death INTP MBTI Dead

Auxiliary Ne: Death sees the potential in everyone. He knows intuitively that not giving Susan all the information will set her on a rebel-quest to save the world (relieving him of loads of work) and so he specifically avoids giving out the details. He understands that there are multiple perspectives to every situation and doesn’t particularly enjoy picking which one he agrees with. In fact…picking things in general isn’t really his strong point. He often differs his choices to Albert, whose judgement isn’t necessarily the best. Death has a clear view of the big picture and willingly explains it to anyone who genuinely wants to understand it.

Discworld Hogfather Death INTP MBTI Dead

Tertiary Si: Death doesn’t like to let go of the things that gave him pleasure in the past. He wants Susan as part of his life and is offended that the feeling is not mutual. Death relies heavily on past experience and is most comfortable when his life existence is routine and predictable. When catastrophe strikes, he isn’t always comfortable tackling the world-saving bits, because he doesn’t always know how to approach new situations. He isn’t particularly engaged with the present, physical world, but tends to dwell within a world of his own, be it his mind or his cottage.

Discworld Hogfather Death INTP MBTI Dead

Inferior Fe: Death has a strong inclination to want to help humanity at large. Though he isn’t fond of new things, he enjoys playing Hogfather because he gets to see the looks on the children’s faces. He would have given them everything that they want, were Albert not there to step in with some discretion. He is reluctant to speak up when Susan is yelling at him, half out of fear of offending her, and half out of pure uncertainty as to what to do.


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