Susan Sto Helit: INTJ

Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

Discworld Hogfather MBTI Susan INTJ

Dominant Ni: Susan recognizes problems in the blink of an eye. She knows when people are not telling her everything and immediately sets out to figure out the truth. She’s an adept problem solver who thinks in long-term big-picture images. She is able to pick up on the bigger implications that lie behind Death’s visit before consulting  further evidence. Susan is future oriented and easily sets aside whims of the present in order to prevent horrible outcomes that she is able to predict. Even so, she is annoyed to have to set aside her current plans in order to jump into a new one. Susan is able to devise strategic steps to save Hogswatch and carries them out with assured swiftness.

Discworld Hogfather MBTI Susan INTJ

Auxiliary Te: Susan is annoyed with inefficiency. She huffs and puffs every time the children come to her asking her to deal with the monsters under their beds and is visibly frustrated with the Wizard’s inability to be timely. Once Susan has a goal in place, she follows a linear path from point A to point B without deviating for trivialities. She’s easily able to recognize what is relevant to her tasks and what is not, and gets frustrated with Death because he lacks this skill. End-of-the-world deadlines are no problem for Susan to meet as she thrives on urgency. She has little problem setting aside her emotions in order to take on difficult tasks.

Discworld Hogfather MBTI Susan INTJ

Tertiary Fi: Susan is perfectly willing and prepared to break the laws of nature in order to accomplish tasks that she sees as more important. Though she claims to want a “normal” life, it’s evident that she doesn’t truthfully reject her differences. She feels intensely, but rarely expresses her emotions –except in eye-rolls and annoyed glances. She does what she believes is right, even if she does not want to do it. For instance, she drops everything and leaves her comfortable life in order to work toward a greater cause. She is personally loyal to no one, but cares enough about humanity to save it from certain doom.

Discworld Hogfather MBTI Susan INTJ

Inferior Se: Susan is not satisfied until she has done everything in her power to improve a situation, and she most certainly isn’t afraid of putting her life in danger to save others. Her focus is intense and she notices only the important details about her environment. She doesn’t listen to people who tell her to shy away from certain tasks, but would rather risk the experience herself.


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