Adora Belle Dearheart – Discworld: ESTJ

Going Postal, Terry Pratchett

Adorabel Dearheart ESTJ | Discworld Going Postal MBTI

Dominant Te: Adora is action oriented and likes to be in charge. Once she figures out what she wants, she devises a plan of action and implements it without interruption for anything. She gets annoyed with Lipwig when she feels he’s taking over the Golems because she’s protective of her control over them (despite what she rationalizes). She is organized and keeps detailed records of her Golems, as well as of her Clack investigation. She speaks her mind exactly, with complete honesty and without regard for other people’s feelings. She is firm in her opinions and doesn’t change them based on anything anyone else says or does (often at her expense).

Adorabelle Dearheart ESTJ | Discworld Going Postal MBTI

Auxiliary Si: Adora has a really difficult time letting go of painful emotions and experiences from her past. She holds grudges for ages and says in mourning over her brother’s death for an equally extensive length of time. She has a hard time putting up with Lipwig’s unconventional methods because she values tradition and accepted methods. Her motives are completely personal, and rarely involve benefiting solely anyone else (when it does involve benefiting others, there’s still a benefit for her in there too).

Adorabelle Dearheart ESTJ | Discworld Going Postal MBTI

Tertiary Ne: She is naturally suspicious of everyone’s motives and often jumps to incorrect conclusions about people because she thinks she understands them better than she does. She’a creative in her problem solving abilities and comes up with out-of-the-box solutions for jamming the Clacks (and she’s dedicated enough to put time into solving the problem). She finds humour in observing other people’s behavior and often makes harsh judgements on it.

Adorabelle Dearheart ESTJ | Discworld Going Postal MBTI

Inferior Fi: Adora is independent and will not be ordered about. She doesn’t want to share her feelings with anyone, and tends to wallow silently in them, refusing to let go of her Si past. She tends to take everything personally without really considering why other people would say certain things or whether her analysis of their words/actions before even accurate. She doesn’t have time or patience for anyone she dislikes or who does not share her way of thinking.