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The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI | #MTBIAs always, my inbox is bursting with requests. I’ve really appreciated the recent guest posts that have come through, but I still have a growing list of requests. Questions from the Ask an INTJ section take me much longer to write, so the more characters I type, the more I fall behind on answering questions.

Here’s the favour I’d like to ask of any willing writers out there. Below is a list of characters that I need typed. For those of you who’d like to help, but are less confident in your typing abilities, I’ve also made a list of characters with their types, for which I’ll only need guest posters to write up the posts.

If you’d like to contribute, please claim your characters in the comments below. Basic guidelines for submissions can be found here.

Easy: Write-Up-Only

The types on these characters are already decided, so guest typers will simply need to write up the typings according to the regular blog format.

The Avengers (and all associated superhero films): Bruce Banner – the Hulk (INTP), Clint Barton – Hawkeye (ISTP), Thor (ESTP), etc.

Doctor Who: Rory Pond (ISTJ), Sally Sparrow (ISFP)

Firefly: Inara Serra (ENFJ), Jayne Cobb (ISTP), Kaylee Frye (ESFP), Hoban Washburne (ESFP), Zoe Washburne (ISTJ)

Frozen: Ana (ESFP)

Hamlet: Polonius (ESFJ), Horatio (INFJ)

The Hunger Games: Johanna Mason (ENTJ)

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell: John Childermass (INTJ), Vinculus (ENTP), Stephen Black (ISFJ)

Magic in the Moonlight: Stanley Crawford (INTJ)

Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins (ENTJ)

Mathilda: Mathilda (INTJ)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: DI Jack Robinson (ISTJ), Miss Fisher (ENTP), Dot (ISFJ)

Napola / Before the Fall: Albrecht Stein (INFJ),

North & South: John Thornton (ISTJ)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Capt. Jack Sparrow (ENTP), Will Turner (ISTP),

Star Trek: Capt. Kirk (ESFP), Khan (INTJ)

Hard: Figure-it-Out-Yourself

(See Character Directory for updated list)


29 thoughts on “Call for Submissions

  1. I’ll write up Inara if she isn’t claimed already. Also for future reference, are you okay with people posting an article both here and on their own blog?


    • Oh, please do, to both. I’m all for promoting other people’s blogs just so long as its their own articles they’re publishing and not ones that I or other guest writers have written.

      Also I approve of your name change. Justice is an admirable pursuit.

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  2. I’ll write up the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell characters if they’re still available. (I’m halfway through and loving that book. I read it mostly based on your recommendation, so thank you!)

    Also I haven’t forgotten about Jane Eyre, she’s just taking some time.


  3. Claim for Doctor Who’s Rory and Firefly’s Zoe. Thanks and feel better soon.


  4. Have you typed Bucky Barnes (from Captain America) yet? If so, I’ll write him up. I don’t feel confidant typing him though.


  5. I don’t know if my last comment got through. I’ll type Black Widow, although I think she’s an ENTP. Could I write her up as that and you can choose whether to publish my post or not?


    • If you’re going based on the Avengers/Captain America movies, then she’s definitely not an ENTP, but I haven’t read any of the comics if that’s your source.


      • No, I’m basing it on the movies. She doesn’t use Ne? She’s always the one connecting odd phrases with motives such as in avengers when she connects Loki’s comment about “I’m not the monster” to his plan to unleash the Hulk. She also could tell from talking with Steve in winter soldier that Fury gave him the hard drive. She’s also quick to see possibilities, such as the collapse of shield as a chance to start over and Banner as a possible romantic partner in she of ultron. Or am I misinterpreting Ne?


        • She’s ISTP. Those connections you see her making aren’t quite Ne. They’re more tertiary Ni. When it comes to characters like her, think of Ne as the function that comes up with the explanatory theory (the Hulk is the one who does this) and Ni is the one that catches on to other people’s schemes and problem solves (Black Widow).

          The possibilities that she’s seeing aren’t necessarily possibilities so much as accurate predictions (which is also Ni).


  6. I’ll type Black Widow, except I think she’s an ENTP. Can I submit her as that, then you can see if you want that post or not?


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