The Little Prince

The Little Prince INFP | #MBTI #INFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): The little prince is kind to everyone, the flower, the narrator, the fox and even the conceited man he meets on his journey. The little prince’s emotions are deep and often overwhelming, yet he doesn’t enjoy talking about himself or his feelings. Unlike many, he is independent and doesn’t always feel the need to obey authority. He reacts strongly to anything that he cares deeply about because he’s so emotionally invested. He has a firm system of principles through which he views the world and often has a hard time understanding other people’s values (particularly adults). He’s rather reserved, to the point of not answering people’s questions and although this leaves him lonely and wishing for a friend, he lacks the social graces to develop many friendships.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): The Prince has a huge imagination. When he asks the narrator to draw him a sheep, he has a tough time accepting any of the drawings, but when the narrator draws him a box and tells him the sheep is inside, he’s okay with this. Why? Because there is imagination involved. He’s full of curiosity and has a million places he wants to go. He loves new experiences and isn’t afraid to travel from planet to planet, hitchhiking with flocks of birds or other strangers. He remembers the questions he asks forever (NeSi).

Introverted Sensing (Si): He places strong value on learning from the past, or from other people’s mistakes. He often reminisces on the times he has enjoyed or hated in his homeland and has a good memory of all the questions he’s asked in life.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): The little prince doesn’t necessarily enjoy making the hard decisions, but he knows how to be assertive. He questions people’s authority when they don’t give specific instructions. For example, “If Your Majesty wishes to be promptly obeyed, he should be able to give me a reasonable order. He should be able, for example, to order me to be gone by the end of one minute”