Contest Winners + Asexual Q&A by Arvid

The winners of my 10-post contest are:

(Some of their posts have not been published yet and will appear in upcoming posts)

Name MBTI Post Title Place
Andrew ENTJ Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen Winner
Danielle INTJ J.K. Rowling Winner
E.J. INTJ Diggory Kirke Winner
Jessica Prescott INFJ Rey – Star Wars Winner
Sylver ISTP Sarah Jane Smith Winner
Anne-Sophie ENTP Jack Skellington Winner
Ethereality INTJ Hans Hubermann Winner
Fanta INTJ Sherlock Holmes (RDJ version) Winner
Mathew T. Griggs INTJ Albus Dumbledore Winner
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Winner
Emily INFP Douglas Adams Runner Up
Kerissa INFJ Johanna Mason Runner Up

Now, as promised, the answers to the Asexual Q&A!

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Contest: Asexual Q&A for 10 Guest Posts

Sorry it’s been awhile, but I’ve finally had a day that I felt well enough to sit down and write this.

The Q&A:

As soon as I have received and selected 10 winning posts, I will answer some of the questions that are being asked about asexuality and gender fluidity in the comments on this post. Or, you may add to potential questions by responding in the comments below (or if you’d like to remain anonymous you can put them in the submission box).

As a preface, you can ask me anything (within reason) about my experience of asexuality, gender fluidity or romantic/aesthetic attraction.

Contest Criteria:

Post type: Character Profile

Deadline: No, no. You’re thinking about this all wrong. There is no deadline.

Winner Criteria: Only one post may be selected as a “winner” per guest writer, however you may submit as many posts as you like. You do not have to be a first-time guest writer in order to enter the contest.

Submissions that do not follow site guidelines will not be accepted. The best way to win is to support your evidence well, write decently and to follow the afore mentioned guidelines.

One, two, five —Go!

Also, on an unrelated but very important note, happy birthday to Shakespeare!

Contest Winners & Questions Answered:

The winners of my 15-post contest are:

(In no particular order)

Name MBTI Post Title Post Type
E.J. INTJ C.S. Lewis Character Typing
Zoey INFJ Kaneki Ken Character Typing
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Dean Winchester Character Typing
whatisfreethen INTP Shikamaru Nara Character Typing
Shubham ENTP Orochimaru Character Typing
Fanta INTJ Earl Haraldson Character Typing
E.J. INTJ J.R.R Tolkien Character typing
E.J. INTJ Edmund Pevensie Character typing
E.J. INTJ Anakin Skywalker Character typing
E.J. INTJ Susan Pevansie Character typing
Fanta INTJ Rollo (Vikings) Character Typing
Kerissa INFJ Black Widow Character Typing
E.J INTJ Theoden Character Typing
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Alaska Young Character Typing
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Tris Prior Character Typing
And, just a thank you to Andrew, who has written aN ASTONISHING number of WELL-EXECUTED posts for the blog (but was ineligible for the contest merely due to not being a “new” contributor).

Answers to the questions:

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Contribute and I will Answer these:

Jordyn asked: I don’t know if this is pushing your privacy boundary, but your identity is rather ambiguous. Would you be willing to answer these (I know they’re not very INTJish questions. I’m an ISFP): Relationship status? Best friend? Gender? Sexual orientation? Age? Eye color? Short or tall? Who’s somebody you miss? Who makes you laugh most often? Favorite movie? What do you want to be for halloween? Favorite color? Biggest fear? Who was your last text from?

Why is this relevant? Also, ambiguity with regards to that information was the plan from the start.

However, I will gladly answer said questions in exchange for the reception of at least 15 new contributions to the site by any user(s) that have not previously written a guest post.

Rules: Unless you are a writer by trade, please only contribute character typings (for suggestions check here). Submissions must follow site guidelines to be accepted. It’s obvious to me if you just type something out in five minutes, and usually I can’t publish those things, so please –be useful.

AND. I will respond in gifs (where possible).

One, two, three —Go!