Asexuality in BBC’s Sherlock

Sherlock as an Asexual Character | #Asexual

Thesis: Aromantic Asexual

Sherlock was definitely a top request for this post-series, which actually surprised me considering the canonical sexual connotations he tends to carry. On second thought…since the majority of my readers are fellow INTJs (last I checked), I’m not really that surprised anymore.

I’m going to do this one a bit differently than Ender Wiggin’s post merely because there’s far more canonical controversy regarding Sherlock’s sexual orientation. Continue reading

Irene Addler: ENTJ


Irene Addler ENTJ | Sherlock #MBTI #ENTJ

Te: Irene Adler only cares about information insofar as she can use it (“No, but I know what he likes”). She likes to be in control of her life and takes initiative in asserting her dominance over people and situations, be it by removing her clothes and hiding needed information from people or by merely speaking assertively to them. She seeks validation to assure her that she’s in control of Sherlock (too bad for her she’s wrong). She talks through her thoughts out loud in order to organize and understand them and states her opinions directly without sugarcoating anything. Continue reading

Molly Hooper: ENFP


Molly Hooper #INFJ | Sherlock #MBTI #INFJ

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Molly can typically read behind the lines where other people are oblivious. She picks up on subtleties in people’s behaviour that most people miss and comes to conclusions about their inner states of being. Molly relies primarily on intuition to figure things out even though she doesn’t always put two and two together logically. Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes: INTJ



Dominant Ni: Sherlock is wired for problem solving, He frequently makes logic jumps to pinpoint future occurrence and then works his way backwards to develop a strategy to prevent the outcome. His talent for reading people is almost supernatural, and because of his quickness to anticipate other people’s actions, he is able to adjust his plans accordingly. Though he loves problem solving, he isn’t overly fond of surprises because he’s used to being able to accurately predict everything. For instance, when Magnussen turns Continue reading

Jim Moriarty: ENTP


Jim Moriarty ENTP | Sherlock MBTI

Dominant Ne: Moriarty can usually tell what people are really saying, even when they try to disguise it. He’s able to find commonalities between seemingly opposite concepts (fairytales and real life etc.). He’s all about metaphors and loves talking in riddles and telling stories. He’s full of ideas, which he uses to create chaos and he avoids being consistent. He never relies on the same trick twice and as he says, is “Soooo…changeable!” Continue reading