Claus Von Stauffenberg: INTJ


Claus von Stauffenburg INTJ | Valkyrie #MBTI #INTJ

Ni: Stauffenberg had a very specific end in mind when he set out as a conspirer against Adolf Hitler. He understood that up until he joined, most of the other conspirers didn’t intend to go quite far enough to achieve that end. Thus, he refused to participate until they were willing to follow his game plan. He’s the one who suggested all the out-of-the-box solutions that everyone else was afraid to even think about. Stauffenberg had no trouble keeping a secret, and was better at it than soldiers who’d been part of the conspiracy for much longer than himself. He was pro at intuiting which people would be best for specific jobs and equally good at convincing others to rearrange the natural hierarchy within the conspiracy to accommodate those needs. He was quietly assertive in his opinions, enough so that people didn’t question his orders or opinions even if they didn’t know him.

Claus von Stauffenburg INTJ | Valkyrie #MBTI #INTJ

Te: Stauffenberg was initially sent to Africa for speaking candidly against Hitler’s Germany. Even as a newcomer to the conspiracy against Hitler, Stauffenberg easily override previous plans, replacing them with better ones and organising others to initiate them. In fact, he pretty much took over as a natural leader without much dissent from anyone else. Stauffenberg was a man of action, always at the centre of the complications within his own schemes (rather than letting others do the dirty work for him). He was very direct in his speech, but able to withhold necessary secrets better than most of the other conspirators. For hours after news had surfaced that their assassination attempt on Hitler failed, Stauffenberg refused to believe it because he’d seen the explosion ( he placed visual, empirical evidence above people’s words).

Claus von Stauffenburg INTJ | Valkyrie #MBTI #INTJ

Fi: Stauffenberg trusted in people’s actions to show who they were rather than simply believing their words. He had a firm conviction, stemming from disillusionment regarding the the immorality of the Nazi regime that led him to action against it (TeFi). He always played principles above personal gain. A divergent, internal sense of morality was always the driving force behind Stauffenberg’s actions. He was determined, full of will power and willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve a better moral end to WWII. Stauffenberg rarely talked about or let his personal feelings show, but he was never afraid to voice his opinions on morality.

Claus von Stauffenburg INTJ | Valkyrie #MBTI #INTJ

Se: For a soldier, Stauffenberg was pretty resilient. He didn’t get hung up on the horrible things that happened to him in his past –even losing his hand, eye and two fingers on the other hand. He focused on what was happening now, in the immediate present and what he could do now to work towards long-term ends (NiSe).

I couldn’t find a lot of pictures of the real Stauffenberg, so I’m using images from the film, Valkyrie.

4 thoughts on “Claus Von Stauffenberg: INTJ

  1. Looking at pictures of the real CvS smiling, not an intj entirely, probably more entj. Seems to have been a man with profound depth of character from reading about him, not easily categorized.


  2. “It’s just that sort of talk that got you sent here, Colonel.” “What I said was much worse.” Right in the first few minutes, there’s no shame and no gloating about the truth.

    I had not heard of this movie at all until I (methodically) decided to check your movie list, and my curiosity got doubly piqued when I saw the profile you posted about the main character. I’ve only recently been introduced to the MBTI principles, and I find it fascinating how this can be applied to character analysis.

    Now I am torn whether Stauffenburg was just written too tightly in his INTJness, or if this was just the “right dose” for him. I’m aware that watching this movie knowing ahead about Stauffenburg’s INTJ profile, this influenced my perception. Now I feel like I should find what does not fit so well the INTJ profile (if nothing else). However, I’ll wait to get a much better grasp of all the profiles before I try to analyze any movie character in more depth.

    (‘Harold and Maude’ coming up, it was just slightly more difficult to find this one so I could not watch it first).


  3. Now I realize why I liked this movie so much.

    And perhaps his INTJness is what led to his ultimate failure. He wanted to kill Hitler and live to tell of it. He valued his life highly but ultimately the mission required that the bomber die.

    But then had he died, the transition in Berlin to the new government would have failed without him there to direct. Conclusion: there simply are not enough INTJs in this world.

    Signed, a proud INTJ. /lol


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