Peter Pevensie: ESTJ

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

Peter Pevensie ESTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ESTJ

Te: Peter likes to be in charge, whether it’s of his siblings or of a kingdom in Narnia. When he goes home to the real world, Peter has a hard time adjusting to not being in charge of large numbers of people. He misses it. Peter is extremely reluctant to accept Lucy’s stories of Narnia when she first presents them, and has to have physical evidence to believe her.

Peter Pevensie ESTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ESTJ

Si: Peter is a pragmatist and doesn’t really like to make room for new ideas or possibilities. Peter is reluctant to leave Narnia, but practical enough to see why it needs to happen. He has a good memory, but has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Narnia has changed, making it impossible for him to navigate based solely on memory.

Peter Pevensie ESTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ESTJ

Ne: Peter is good at recognizing when people are lying to him and though he isn’t always good at coming up with more than one solution to a problem, he can when he has to. Under stress, Peter can get short sighted, but will have an occasional burst of ideas when he needs it most.

Peter Pevensie ESTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ESTJ

Fi: Peter likes to believe that he has all the answers and doesn’t like to face when he’s wrong. He doesn’t take advice from others and relies solely on himself as a source of morality. Despite this, Peter can be kind and loving in his desire to care for his siblings. His primary motivation is always to take care of them. He’s particularly protective of Lucy.


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