Bruno – The Boy in the Stripped Pajammas: ENFP

The Boy in the Stripped Pajammas, John Boyne

Ne: Bruno loves to explore. He loves reading adventure books and prefers fiction to any other type of reading. He’s distracted in his tutoring lessons, and doesn’t pay attention much to anything that seems boring to him. Bruno, though naive and young, can usually tell when there’s something that his parents don’t want him to know about or do, and he’s able to keep things secret from them as a result. Bruno has a big imagination and makes connections between things (the camp must be a farm, the farmers are wearing pajamas etc.). Bruno is a very curious child with many questions (much to his parent’s dismay).

Fi: Bruno doesn’t like to cry –alone or in front of others. He’s kind hearted and genuinely wants to do good for his friend Schmul. He, unlike his sister, does not allow his ideas about right and wrong to be corrupted by his Nazi education (which he doesn’t pay attention to). He is even independent minded enough to doubt whether his father is a good person.

Te: Bruno looks around him, sees contradictions and questions them. He puts evidence that he sees with his eyes over what he is told. He doesn’t much care for intellectual topics and gets bored in school.

Si: Bruno is reluctant to leave behind not just his friends, but the house that he has so many fond memories of. This particular function isn’t extremely well developed in him yet because he’s so young.