Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ

House MD

Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ | House MD MBTI

Fe: Early on, Cameron is easily compromised by her emotions. She attaches herself emotionally to people, and this often ends up interfering with her work. When she’s mad at someone (or she loves someone), her objectivity us compromised. Cameron has a hard time understanding why other people’s (Fi people’s) sense of morality is different than hers. She expects that there is a universal standard of morality that applies these same to everyone. When people don’t follow that sense of morality, she judges them harshly. Her moral code doesn’t stem from within her. Rather, she bases it on established rules and things that she learns from other people. She’s often highly influenced by other people’s opinions and comments, such that she behaves out of character during times of stress (STD guy tells her drugs are fun; she tries drugs). She feels a moral obligation to help/fix broken people.

Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ | House MD MBTI

Si: Cameron has a wide store of knowledge from her years in medical school. She tends to be a bit hung up on rules and protocols (though her Fe allows House to change her over time). She’s reluctant to talk about her past, and tends to relate many of their patient cases to her own experience.

Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ | House MD MBTI

Ne: Cameron has no problem coming up with ideas when House asks for them.   She has difficulty following House’s intuitive leaps, but far less than most people. She follows his metaphors and actually tries to use some herself from time to time (but it doesn’t work really well for her).

Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ | House MD MBTI

Ti: She’s not logical at all when she’s emotional, but otherwise, she has no problem pointing out the problems in other people’s diagnostic suggestions.


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  1. This is the best description of Cameron’s personality that I have read.

    I don’t know why some think she’s an Fi user.


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