Faramir: INFP

Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

Faramir INFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Dominant Fi: Faramir is private about his feelings, and only shares them with a select few. He makes quick friends with people who can empathize with him in some way (Frodo, Eowyn), but has a hard time having good feelings toward others. He feels deeply hurt by his father’s rejection, but doesn’t feel the need to change his behavior in order to please him. His internal sense of morality holds precedence over his personal feelings, turning him intosomething of a rebel. He always weighs his decisions against this moral code and rarely makes choices that he later regrets.

Faramir INFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Auxiliary Ne: Faramir has big dreams and finds himself depressed when he can’t achieve them. He has a rapt understanding of other people and can easily figure out the meaning behind Frodo’s actions, eventually leading him to let the Hobbits go. As a boy, he was distracted, and spent whiles daydreaming rather than completing the tasks his father set to him. He is big picture oriented, which allows him to see the greater importance of small things. He makes decisions with the whole of middle earth in mind, rather than just Gondor (like his father and brother).

Faramir INFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Tertiary Si: He holds on to resentments from his childhood, and as a result, finds himself rather sad, but he doesn’t necessarily allow this to encumber his entire life. He has a more traditional approach to protecting Gondor, using old-fashioned methods to find out the enemies’ plans and then prepare for them. He relies heavily on his past experience and learns from his mistakes.

Faramir INFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Inferior Te: Faramir isn’t the most logical of people, and often finds himself drawn to making emotional decisions. He isn’t really much of a people person or a leader, but he does have the ability to lead when he needs to. He’s capable of organizing people and devising battle strategies in order to maintain control of Gondor. He is honest in his assessment of himself and doesn’t seek to make excuses for his choices.

Faramir is often typed as an INFJ, however, he’s a clear Fi-user.

3 thoughts on “Faramir: INFP

  1. you have no idea how excited I am to see Faramir in a list of INFPs! He’s my favourite character in the book (maybe tied with Treebeard).



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