Thorin Okenshield: ISTJ

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Thorin ISTJ | The Hobbit MBTI

Dominant Si: All of Thorin’s motivation comes from past experiences. He hates the elves because of age-old racial hatred stemming from the war. Thorin is pretty much stuck in the past and obsessed with trying to return the dwarves kingdom to its former glory. Thorin only believes what he’s actually seen, so he often has trouble believing truths that other people tell him. Thorin likes to keep to traditional methods that are familiar to him and doesn’t easily accept new ideas. He likes to follow instructions, and when Gandalf’s instructions fail him, he’s reluctant to accept Bilbo’s hope in different methods for opening the door.

Thorin ISTJ | The Hobbit MBTI

Auxiliary Te: Thorin takes charge of every situation he finds himself in. He’s a leader who organizes others toward the causes he desires. He always thinks about the far-reaching consequences of his actions (as well as other peoples) and tends to want to control other people’s actions as well. He always has a plan, and find’s Bilbo to be a nuisance because he believes that Bilbo will foil those plans. In many instances, Thorin can have harsh judgements towards others and he doesn’t usually consider anyone else’s feelings in his decisions.

Thorin ISTJ | The Hobbit MBTI

Tertiary Fi: Thorin’s motivations all stem directly from his own personal feelings and don’t really regard other people. He doesn’t care what other people think of his morals, but derives his code of conduct strictly from within himself. Thorin devotes all his time to what’s important to him and his people. He is capable of adamantly hating (elves), but is also very loyal to those he values.

Thorin ISTJ | The Hobbit MBTI

Inferior Ne: Thorin has many dreams and visions for what he wants. He doesn’t necessarily have the best understanding of other people and tends to be a bit judgmental.


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