Advice for Idiots trying to become INTJs

Friendly Advice for idiots trying to become INTJs

MBTIfanatic asked: Hey, as an xNTP, I am dying to develop xNTJ traits , for example, Te and Ni, in order to advance in my career. Any advice?

I would recommend reading my pre-existing post about this topic.

With respect, however, this question isn’t likely to get you very far in life (and is a perfect real-life example of INTJ fetishization).

DO NOT TRY TO BECOME AN INTJ. It will take you nowhere, and your life will not actually be any better (it will probably be worse). Having INTJ traits does not inherently make you any more powerful or successful than anyone else and it will not improve your life/career.

Take it from my ENFP sibling, who once said to me that sometimes they wished they were me because of the xNTJ qualities that I possess, but then immediately changed their mind upon considering what my life has been like.

Trying to develop traits that you do not have is like trying to scramble an egg using a turnip rather than an egg.

For years, my Te dom mother has tried to teach my INTP Dad how to organise, but because he does not possess a Te function, he cannot learn how to use a Te function. Also – dominant Ni is something that no Ne user can develop (unless they have a serious dissociative disorder resulting from traumatising experiences).

In case anyone is wondering, asking an INTJ how to become an INTJ when you are not one pisses us off immensely. Do not do it.

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  1. I am an ISTJ and I don’t care who the hell are INTJs , I know some people think their really INTJs just to put themselves different to others or something like that , but guys be proud of who you are or what MBTI you are too.❤


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