Ra’s Al Ghul: INFJ

Batman Trilogy

Ras Al Guhl INFJ | Batman MBTI

Dominant Ni: Ra’s Al Ghul has a focused vision for Gotham and his role in it. He understands Bruce on a deep level after only knowing him for a short period of time and is able to use that knowledge to both help him work through his problems and to try to turn him into a tool for realizing his vision of Gotham. He has a utopian vision for the world, and is quick to recognize the problems in everything and device strategies for soling them (except for the problem of himself). He’s good at predicting the future and believes he has a specific role in preventing bad outcomes.

Ras Al Guhl INFJ | Batman MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Ra’s truly believes that his cause is right and will stand up for it no matter what. He wants to help Bruce and is able to help him work through his emotions. He carries with him a great deal of anger from the death of his family, but he’s able to put aside his own emotions to help other people in their own emotional struggles. His tactic for destroying Gotham is to spread a fear inducing toxin over the city and allow emotion to tear it apart rather than destroying it directly himself.

Ras Al Guhl INFJ | Batman MBTI

Tertiary Ti: He’s good at manipulating Bruce (and others) because he can first read people’s emotions (Fe) and then analyze them (Ti). He is willing to ask the uncomfortable questions that no one else does, but the conclusions he comes to based on the information he gains doesn’t line up with external logic. For instance, he believes that the only way is for Gotham to go. Unlike Bruce, he can’t see any way of saving it. He gets annoyed with Bruce for his theatricality and prefers communication to be brief and to the point.

Ras Al Guhl INFJ | Batman MBTI

Inferior Se: Ras Al Ghul is very tuned to his environment and teases Bruce for not being quite as aware of it. In the end however, he reacts too quickly under stress and ends up getting himself killed. At all other times however, he thinks carefully through his choices, considering long-term consequences in each of them.

6 thoughts on “Ra’s Al Ghul: INFJ

  1. Both Raz and Batman feel to physically-oriented to be Ni-doms.

    Could it be rather that Raz is an ISFJ and Batman an ISTJ?


      • Both Raz and Batman, to me, feel as if they are too physically-oriented to be Ni-doms.

        Could it rather be that Raz is an ISFJ and Batman an ISTJ?

        They are more like front-line soldiers than hq staff.


        • If you’re going based off the Christopher Nolan films, I will point out that Christian Bale is an ISTP, which would explain some of the physical orientation. However, ISxJs are not necessarily more physically oriented than IxTJs, so I’m not quite sure how your first comment connects to the second one. Elaborate perhaps?


        • Batman is trying to fight crime on street rather than trying to organize some concentrated effort and plan to uplift the city’s infrastructure and organize some kind of disciplined force to fight crime in his stead. The front line soldier. That’s more suited to sensor types.

          Ra’s is self-righteous but his deduction and plan is unconvincing and requires too much hassle to execute. Don’t know. I think I am an INFJ and can’t relate to Ra’s character. Liam might be an ISFJ and it might be affecting me.


        • Yes, I understand that Batman is using his Se function. INTJs happen to have one of those. I think you may be confusing the idea of “sensor types” with the idea of the “Se function.” SJs don’t even use Se as one of their four main jungian functions, while SPs are the ones that use it dominantly (or in the auxiliary place). Furthermore, the MBTI theory was never actually intended to assess people’s types based off of their behaviours. Its purpose was rather to explain people’s thought processes. Although thought process influences behaviour very strongly, it doesn’t determine it.

          I don’t know Liam Neeson’s type, but if anything, you strike me as an ISFJ. INFJ is the last thing I’d have guessed based on the way that you organise/reason your writing.



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