Harvey Dent: INTJ

Batman Trilogy

Harvey Dent INTJ | Batman MBTI

Ni: Harvey Dent has a singular mission, which he devotes his life and time to fulfilling. He would never leave anything up to chance, though he likes to pretend that he does, but rather, does everything with a purpose and a specific end in mind. He has a strong grasp of irony and Continue reading

Dr. Jonathan Crane: INTJ

Batman Trilogy

Dr. Jonathan Crane INTJ | Batman #MBTI #INTJ

Ni: Dr. Crane’s focus is specific, narrow. He does not focus merely on psychology, but on an even more specific thread within the field –experimenting on the criminally insane. He easily picks up on other people’s suspicions and is able to foresee dangers to his operations before they are an actual threat. For this cause, he has a backup Continue reading

The Joker: ENTP

Batman Trilogy

The Joker ENTP | Batman #MBTI #ENTP

Ne: The Joker understands irony implicitly, and speaks in it as though it’s his native language. He’s good at figuring people out, (partially using his Fe, but also an intuitive sense of what’s going on behind the lines). He likes to enjoy himself (in a perverted kind of way) and sees humor in pretty much everything. Continue reading

INTJs in Christopher Nolan films

The INTJ Presence in Christopher Nolan Films |#MBTI

The first time I watched Inception, I came away on fire with excitement about the concepts that had just been left ambiguously unresolved at the end of the movie. Meanwhile, the ENFP with whom I’d watched it was left scratching her head trying to comprehend what she just seen.

We watched it again. She understood a little more, but it wasn’t until we’d seen it at least three times (and I’d explained it to her in depth) before she finally understood it.

Christopher Nolan’s more recent films, namely Inception and Interstellar, both feature ISTP protagonists. However, despite featuring only one blatantly INTJ character each (Saito and Dr. Brandt), they still bear the express markings of INTJ writing. Nolan’s earlier work however, did not hold to this trend, but showed a remarkably large frequency of INTJ protagonists. Continue reading

Alfred Borden: INTJ

The Prestige

Alfred Borden INTJ | The Prestige #MBTI #INTJ

Ni: “Secrets are my life.” Borden’s game is mystery, and he’s better at it than pretty much everyone. He deliberately makes his tricks simple because he knows that Angier will look for a complicated solution. He’s ambitious and singly focused, literally living his game of magic in every day life, where other magicians only perform their Continue reading

Robert Angier: ISFJ

The Prestige

Robert Angier ISFJ | The Prestige #MBTI #ISFJ

Si: Though theatrical, Angier is practical at heart. He tends to flow with accepted methods before trying to come up with his own, and initially rejects Bordon’s attempts to create new things (until he sees for himself that they work). Though he claims that his rivalry with Bordon stops being about his wife, it is clear from his actions that this is not true. He selects an old fashioned name for his act out of sentimentalism for his Continue reading

Cooper – Interstellar: ISTP


Interstellar MBTI - Cooper ISTP

Dominant Introverted Thinking (Ti): Fact and detail is utmost to Cooper, and he doesn’t appreciate it when people try to suggest that love, or ghosts can be quantified. Whether to save lives or question educational curriculum, he’s more than willing to ask harsh questions. He’s analytical and though not detached from his Continue reading