Doctor Julia Ogden: ISFP

Guest Post by Fanta, INTJ

Murdoch Mysteries

Doctor Julia Ogden ISFP | Murdoch Mysteries #MBTI #ISFP

Dominant Fi: Doctor Julia Ogden is a progressive Victorian woman who dislikes the privileged society’s conventions and rigid values when it comes to women’s status. Her desire for independence and freedom of expression is a long-lasting source of conflict between her and her rational father. She often feels personally slighted when people don’t adopt her views of what’s right (e.g. she chastises Murdoch for not defending her in front of his superior). The causes she so vehemently defend (abortion, women’s suffrage) are closely tied to her personal experiences and how it made her feel isolated. Dr Ogden’s Fi values often clash with Detective Murdoch’s Si Catholic conventions early on in the series, despite their friendship and loyalty to each other.

Doctor Julia Ogden ISFP | Murdoch Mysteries #MBTI #ISFP

Auxiliary Se: Though Dr Ogden rebels against some aspects of Victorian society, she embraces many others: operas, balls, restaurants, and she’s always dressed fashionably. She can be quite impulsive and adventurous, and readily disregards social conventions to experience new things when it relates to her senses (skinny dipping, nudist camp, archery, experimenting with absinthe). Dr Ogden is always motivated to take action for the immediate well-being of those around her (e.g. teaching about contraception), and is often one to suggest simple approaches related to Murdoch’s criminal investigations.

Doctor Julia Ogden ISFP | Murdoch Mysteries #MBTI #ISFP

Tertiary Ni: When Dr Ogden reflects on her actions, she suddenly realizes the potentially negative consequences to those close to her, and then balances her emotional impulsions in favour of protecting her husband’s and Murdoch’s career. When she performs autopsies, she sometimes comes up with creative solutions to determine the cause of death or to find more clues. She has from a young age a firm vision of how she wants to live her life, a fact that does not agree with her rational father, so she cuts her ties with him and her privileged background to live on her own.

Doctor Julia Ogden ISFP | Murdoch Mysteries #MBTI #ISFP

Inferior Te: Whenever asked a difficult, personal question, Dr Ogden replies with blunt honesty. When she sets her mind on any goal, she is able to organize things around it, although most of those will be short-term ones. In the middle of her love-life crisis, where she disregards her feelings for William Murdoch in favour of a logical outcome with Darcy Garland, she is the one who takes things in her hands and decides to leave Darcy and get her life back in control.


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  1. I have been trying to figure out Julia’a typing for ages!

    I had decided she used Se but that was as far as I got. Someone did suggest ISFP so I wasn’t shocked but still interesting as she is not an extrovert .


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