Viktor Goldstein: ISFP

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Viktor Goldstein: ISfP | #generation war #MBTI #ISFP

Fi: Viktor is willing to sacrifice himself to save others, though he usually gets away unscathed. He is kind and gentle towards other people, and he often plays with insects that he finds on his journeys. Most of his emotions remain unspoken, and he doesn’t usually let many other people in on his inner life. Viktor’s sense of right and wrong differs not only from his parents’ but from the general Jewish population. He tends to disagree with any belief that stands merely because it has been societally accepted.


Viktor Goldstein: ISfP | #generation war #MBTI #ISFP

Se: Viktor adapts to changing circumstances without difficulty and seizes hold of opportunities instantaneously as they present themselves. When his arrangements to expat to the United States fall through, he jumps on the opportunity to escape the train with Alina. Viktor is agile and quick to respond to danger. He pays attention to his environment, and this awareness often helps to tip his Tertiary Ni off to potential dangers and other things going on behind the lines. He’s also the type of person who doesn’t have any trouble nicking bikes.

Viktor Goldstein: ISTP Generation War MBTI

Ni: Viktor has an acute sense of the lager anti-semitism (while his parents think it’s a minor problem) and easily predicts the long-term outcome of Jewish discrimination in Germany. He recognises that he needs to leave Germany before it’s too late and is also able to predict that Hitler’s holocaust will eventually bring about the end of the life that is familiar to him. He easily senses unspoken connections between people and can intuitively tell that his girlfriend is having an affair on him without proof.

Viktor Goldstein: ISTP Generation War MBTI

Te: He knows how to assert his opinions when the time calls for it and will openly criticise other people’s logic as well as their morals. His logic stems from what he sees in the world around him, looking directly at evidence to reach conclusions. He is also relatively good at taking other people’s logical suggestions and turning them into immediate actions (SeTe) –for instance, when Alina points out that the trains leave full and come back empty.

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