The SF Type Who Thinks He’s an INTJ

Jannelle67 asked: I often meet people claim to be INTJs who really aren’t when you get to know them (as opposed to people who seem more like INTJs once you get to know them). Which types are most likely to be INTJ posers like this?

oscar wilde gif

Really, any type could try to pose as an INTJ, and could probably convince themselves they were an INTJ if they ignored the evidence well enough. The gal who writes funkymbtifiction did this for years (and then moved on to consecutively convince herself that she was every other type as well).

SFs are the most common INTJ posers (followed closely by INTPs), and if you show them the evidence they usually don’t believe you anyway (because they’ve immunized themselves to evidence.

Michael Scott, from The Office, is a great example of an ESFP who thinks he’s an INTJ. He thinks he’s a great problem solver, innovator and strategist, when in reality, his primary focus is to have fun (Se).

It’s easy for xSFPs to convince themselves they’re INTJs because they have all the same functions (albeit in a completely different order).



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