The SF Type Who Thinks He’s an INTJ

Jannelle67 asked: I often meet people claim to be INTJs who really aren’t when you get to know them (as opposed to people who seem more like INTJs once you get to know them). Which types are most likely to be INTJ posers like this?

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Really, any type could try to pose as an INTJ, and could probably convince themselves they were an INTJ if they ignored the evidence well enough. The gal who writes funkymbtifiction did this for years (and then moved on to consecutively convince herself that she was every other type as well).

SFs are the most common INTJ posers (followed closely by INTPs), and if you show them the evidence they usually don’t believe you anyway (because they’ve immunized themselves to evidence.

Michael Scott, from The Office, is a great example of an ESFP who thinks he’s an INTJ. He thinks he’s a great problem solver, innovator and strategist, when in reality, his primary focus is to have fun (Se).

It’s easy for xSFPs to convince themselves they’re INTJs because they have all the same functions (albeit in a completely different order).


6 thoughts on “The SF Type Who Thinks He’s an INTJ

  1. I used to think that I was an ENTJ because of my strange, bossy behaviour. But since I am actually an INTJ, my real thing was imagining and visualising things and then making them my reality. My Ni is my strongest point and was always by my side, I just never felt it


  2. I have been typed as an INTJ, but how do I know for sure? I mean when I think about it it does makes sense that I am indeed an INTJ, the people around me also say the same about me but sometimes I truly wonder about it. I think that I have Ni, I am an Introvert, I do prefer thinking over feeling and yeah I do prefer J over P. But how do I know for sure? Like I do have a plan for almost everything, I think that I am a good problem solver but since lately I have not been performing good enough as I used to, I think this may be due to a breakup which I have been going through. I read about the Ni – Fi loop, maybe this is the reason behind my recent incompetence but I really want to know for sure? Is there any foolproof test about it? I have been considering a professional assessment of my type. I have even completed a course on coursera on MBTI. What are your thoughts about it? I have read other suggestions all over the internet that the best method to verify is to observe how I behave under stress but even that checks out to some degree. I had been typed as INTJ – A but I think I might be behaving as INTJ – T. I have also considered the possibility of being INFJ and INTP. What are your thoughts?


  3. It always bugs and slightly baffles me how so many types try to convince themselves that they’re some other type that they’ve idealized.


  4. That’s probably because they have aspirational Ni-Te.

    I’m an INTJ and I like to think that I’m some sort of ISFP classical Indian dancing star in the making. Except that I have been at this in-and-out for the last 7 years with no dramatic evolution. Of course, I do this in the deep privacy of my home, never in public.
    Another instance is that I like to style my hair differently every 9 months or so, and will have a try at nail varnish for 1 week or 2. The trick is: I know that superficial bullshit of mine won’t last long. I can’t claim to be an expert at Se. -_-

    Still, there is nothing wrong with camouflaging yourself and playing around with your personal quirks. It keeps you young at heart and creative in the mind. :)


    • Oh boy. I been there.
      I think most of intjs have ( its a good way to know if you are one, by elimination). Just poeple around you wanting you to act more SF, together with the constant push to become less introvert. Listening people describe you as shy and discovering they pitty you even when you’re fine at yourself ( and, at best, want a close one-one friendship).
      I am there again. Since my parents retired and I still live with then ( probably undiagnosed adhd, with dislexia and lots of mental health and trauma) and I am curious on how mean I must look for people as I am grump at family entering without invitation, small talk, lots of noise of every kind, family members that are distant all my life sutently want me to act noisy and “funny” instead of knowing me…
      The sad thing is despite parents want me to be SF for most of my life I dont even think they are SF. (probably just people pleasers).

      This events help to remember me my dreams of becoming a super star are just fantasies.

      (maybe the need of missing childhood approval or status/finantial gratification and general accompleshment).
      I just try to express insterests in my own (quiet, grumpy) way.


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