Charlotte Weiss: ISFJ

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Generation War Charly ISFJ MBTI

Si: Charly compares everything in the present to the past. For instance, when she arrives at the hospital, she wants to know what the building was used for before it was a hospital. She tends to be suspicious of other people, enough so to pry at her helper’s things to discover she’s a jew. Charly would rather tentatively follow the rules than try something new (don’t try to fix the broken arm. No one has asked you to.).

Generation War Charly ISFJ MBTI

Fe: Charly wants to help the larger cause by volunteering as a nurse. At first, she finds it difficult to bear the exposure to wounded soldiers, but over time, she hardens herself to them. She thinks of right and wrong collectively rather than seeing it as subjective to individuals and situations. She has a strong tendency to be pulled in by ideologies and propaganda, but gradually loses this trait over time.

Generation War Charly ISFJ MBTI

Ti: Charly’s thoughts are not often voiced aloud (though her Fe feelings are). Charly doesn’t care about evidence or logic so much as she does about helping others. She’s not the most logical of people, and what logic she does have is based on what makes sense to her rather than in aligning truth with facts and evidence.

Generation War Charly ISFJ MBTI

Ne: Charly starts out as a classic war idealist. She holds on to ideals (be it a person such as Wilhelm, or an idea) for a very extensive periods of time and sees her questions through to the point. Charly isn’t great at seeing connections between people, especially if they are directed at her.


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