Kaneki Ken: ISFJ

Guest post by Zoey, INFJ

Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken ISFJ | Tokyo Ghoul #MBTI #ISFJ

Si: Kaneki highly regards his past, and is even plagued by it. He reads books, because his late father was an avid reader, and Kankei feels he could connect to his father in this way. When he was being brutally tortured by Yamori in the basement, it was his past, that his mother always left him alone and worked so hard that she passed away. It was this pain from his past that pushed him to fight back against Yamori. Kaneki also believed that all ghouls are evil\bad, until he turns into a half-ghouls himself, just because that is what was often broadcasted. He isn’t open to new perspectives, and resists strongly when he realised that he became a half-ghoul. He even tried to eat human food, which was indigestible by ghouls.

Kaneki Ken ISFJ | Tokyo Ghoul #MBTI #ISFJ

Fe: Kaneki believed that rather than hurting others, it was better to be hurt himself. He was exceptionally caring. He used to help Hinami while she read, and nursed Touka when she was ill. However, he could be excessively merciless to those who would harm the ones he loved. When Nishio Nishiko attacked his best friend, Hide, he attacks Nishio.Kaneki was also very forgiving. When some ghouls caught Nishio to cannabalise him, he fought off those ghouls. He also allows Touka to take a bite of his flesh, when she had to fight off Tsukiyama, because she was weak; and also because he wanted to save Nishio’s girlfriend from Tsukiyama.



Ti: Kaneki loves learning and is a quick learner. Kaneki, despite being very intelligent, takes some time to understand things.


Ne: Kaneki does see possibilities, but when it doesn’t conform with his Si, it distresses him greatly. When he considered the possibility of being a ghoul, it distressed him because he thoight all ghouls are evil. Despite being a half-ghoul, Kaneki joins an organisation whose aim was to catch and dispel ghouls. Kaneki often fails to see the big picture.