Jordan Baker: ESTP

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jordan Baker ESTP | The Great Gatsby MBTI

Dominant Se: Jordan Baker is an athlete (despite the gender norms of the day) and is successful in that career. Jordan loves new experiences, parties and doing nothing bores her to death. She’s a bit of a swindler when it comes to both people and life. Based on the looks she and Tom exchange, we can assume that she’s not so pure as Nick initially believes. She values beautiful things and is well up to date with the times –aka she’s a flapper extraordinare. Continue reading

Tintin: ESTP

The Adventures of Tintin, Herge

Tintin ESTP | MBTI

Dominant Se: Tintin fears nothing, and loves to be in the middle of an adventure, putting himself at risk for danger. He doesn’t hesitate to run out into the middle of a busy street to grab something and flies along on high speed chases. He pays close attention to his environment and uses the information he gains there to help him solve mysteries. Continue reading

Mark Latimer – Broadchurch: ESTP


Broadchurch MBTI

Dominant Se: Mark Latimer has to be doing new things in order to be satisfied, which is why he ends up having an affair. He tells his wife that he did it because he needed someone “newer” than her. He feels comfortable leaping into new situations and is the least emotionally tormented by Danny’s death of his family because he’s better Continue reading

Deryn Sharp: ESTP

Leviathan, Scott Westerfeld

Dominant Se: If there’s anything that Deryn loves, it’s a thrill. She joins the navy with the intent to fly, not to fight in a war. She is agile and excited about jumping into action and gets bored when she’s not doing something active. She typically has confidence in her ability to not only learn new skills, but to be the best at them in no time at all (and she usually achieves this). She lives in the moment, making split-second, action-based decisions, and thinking on her feet to save her own life as well as many others. Her ability to think quickly, coupled with her awareness of her physical environment allows her to creatively use her environment to her advantage in a fight. Fear hardly phases her as she willfully Continue reading