Thomas Berger – Swing Kids: ESTP

Swing Kids

Swing Kids MBTI - Thomas Berger

Se: Of the hep cats, Thomas is definitely the most physically active, and the quickest to act. He’s always the first to jump into a fight and the last to stop dance. He loves to improvise and the thrill of the moment is of utmost pleasure to him (thus, we shall steal a radio). He gets particularly excited when the gestapo award him with a motor bike, and loves to pop out and frighten people to get a reaction out of them. He punishes immediately, before he has reason to understand a person’s motivations and often does things without thinking them through. When there is nothing active to do, he gets bored and complains about the dullness. Thomas wants to be doing something at all times.

Swing Kids MBTI - Thomas Berger

Ti: Thomas is not slow to let people know what he thinks of them. He’s usually certain that he’s right, regardless of what other people say. Evidence step aside, it only matters whether it makes sense to him that he’s right (to him, the smart people aren’t the ones who diverge from the system, they’re the ones that do whatever the system wants). Thomas likes conversation to be to the point, especially when he’s angry. He’s hardly task oriented, but would rather do what other people tell him so that he can get what he wants.

Swing Kids MBTI - Thomas Berger

Fe: Thomas bases his behavioural and ethical code on what other people are doing, rather than and internal, self-made moral code like Arvid –which is why the two clash so often. The fact that he thinks so little about ethics also makes him an easy brainwashing candidate for the Nazis. Thomas is reluctant to accept the idea that anything could really be going wrong in Germany, and even more reluctant to accept people who differ from the norm (namely Arvid).

Swing Kids MBTI - Thomas Berger

Ni: Thomas has an opinion about everything, even if he hasn’t really thought it through. His judgements about other people are rarely accurate, but he jumps to conclusions rapidly. He often comes up with ideas out of the blue, and when he gets with Peter (who has dominant Ni), they can get into trouble by carrying them out (because Thomas’ Se says, don’t think, just do).


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