Mark Latimer – Broadchurch: ESTP


Broadchurch MBTI

Dominant Se: Mark Latimer has to be doing new things in order to be satisfied, which is why he ends up having an affair. He tells his wife that he did it because he needed someone “newer” than her. He feels comfortable leaping into new situations and is the least emotionally tormented by Danny’s death of his family because he’s better at adapting to change. He doesn’t react negatively to finding out that his wife is pregnant the way that she does, and insists upon them embracing their new life, rather than trying to wallow in the loss of their old one.

Broadchurch MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: Mark is capable of repressing his emotions for the sake of his family, and tends to try to keep a logical eye on the situation. He doesn’t like to answer questions (personal or not) and tends to give the shortest answer possible. He’s not too good at communicating in general and can tend to be insensitive about his family’s situation because of his logic.

Broadchurch MBTI

Tertiary Fe: Mark Latimer doesn’t react to emotional turmoil right away, but when he does, it comes out as intense and visible anger. He can usually tell when people are being forthwith and trusts them for it, but if he sees that they are not acting in his best interest, he refuses to open up to them.

Broadchurch MBTI

Inferior Ni: Mark cares most about the present and the future. He wants his future to be good and he wants his family to be happy. He has trouble putting aside immediate impulses to gain that future, but eventually learns to.


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