Tintin: ESTP

The Adventures of Tintin, Herge

Tintin ESTP | MBTI

Dominant Se: Tintin fears nothing, and loves to be in the middle of an adventure, putting himself at risk for danger. He doesn’t hesitate to run out into the middle of a busy street to grab something and flies along on high speed chases. He pays close attention to his environment and uses the information he gains there to help him solve mysteries.He can easily figure out how to pull stunts that he’s never done before (such as operating new vehicles). He is a yoga enthusiast in several of the comic books. He loves to improvise and acts purely on spur of the moment decisions.

Tintin ESTP | MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: Tintin is quite logical, and draws logical connections between the sensory evidence he sees before him. He doesn’t really talk aloud when he thinks, but simply acts on them. He doesn’t really make plans, and usually prefers to delegate menial tasks to other people (like the Scotland Yard).

Tintin ESTP | MBTI

Tertiary Fe: Tintin is charismatic and reliable. His entire motivation stems from a desire to help people and he is polite to pretty much everyone –even his enemies. He doesn’t stand for anything he sees as immoral or criminal and gets mad at Captain Haddock for putting everyone (he doesn’t say me, he says everyone) in danger by drinking.

Tintin ESTP | MBTI

Inferior Ni: Tintin can’t put down a mystery as soon as he gets started on it and is even called mad for doing so. Even when everything seems hopeless, Tintin doesn’t even think of giving up. He doesn’t see the possibility of failure. Tintin is pretty intuitive, but he doesn’t always notice this about himself –often he puts off moments of intuition in favour of the logic, but that’s when he usually goes wrong.


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