Princess Leia Organa: ESTJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Star Wars

Princess Leia ESTJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESTJ

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Leia never misses an opportunity to take charge of any situation; she even takes command of a rescue mission when she is the one being rescued!  She is a no-nonsense organizer who is completely comfortable commanding soldiers on the front lines of a war.  Leia speaks and acts in a direct fashion; she doesn’t mince her words when she has an opinion, and her first instinct on seeing stormtroopers enter her room is to shoot at them.  She is even direct when she is being stealthy; when disguising herself to sneak into Jabba’s palace and demanding a high price for delivering Chewbacca to him, she convinces Jabba to accept it by threatening his life.

Princess Leia ESTJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESTJ

Introverted Sensing (Si): Leia serves the Rebel Alliance out of a sense of duty to the cause.  Her adoptive father was an early opponent of Palpatine during his rise to power, and Leia is continuing his work in her dedication to overthrowing the Empire.  This work is mainly restorative in nature; Leia is striving to reinstate the Galactic Republic which preceded the Empire.  Leia is all about rules and discipline, and she has trouble accepting the free-form and often subversive way that Han does things.

Princess Leia ESTJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESTJ

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): While Han and Luke were trying to shoot their way through a squad of stormtroopers to get out of the Death Star detention block, Leia comes up with an alternative escape route: through the garbage chute.  When they all escape from the Death Star, she correctly surmises that their escape was too easy, and that they were being tracked to their destination.  Even when she can’t put her finger on the problem, Leia is aware of when something is wrong with her situation (e.g. during her stay in Cloud City).

Princess Leia ESTJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESTJ

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Even though her feelings are the motivation for her actions, Leia can separate them from the job she has to do.  Even when under torture, she does not give away the location of the rebel base, and she lies about the location when her home planet is threatened.  Leia always tries to keep her emotions under wraps; it takes a great deal of time, complete with kicking and screaming, before she admits that she has feelings for Han.

12 thoughts on “Princess Leia Organa: ESTJ

  1. I had a feeling she was a T type. Now that I think about it, my ETSJ friend is a lot like her…


  2. This explains her relationship with Han very well ;)
    Also, Leia is yet another xSTJ woman on my Favourite Female Characters list, might see a pattern here…


      • I know . . . it’s sad. But I just get kind of freaked out by commanding, aggressive, “in-your-face” types of people. Always have. Why? I don’t really know . . . I’m pretty sure there are no ESTJs among my adult relatives, so I guess I haven’t had the opportunity to “get used to them,” like you have? My mom is an INTJ and my dad is ISFJ. So . . . yeah.


        • INFJ…that makes sense, having no functions in common with the ESTJ, as well as only 1 letter in common.

          Commanding, “in-your-face” types sound intimidating to me, too.


        • Yes . . . of all the functions that I don’t have (Te, Ne, Si, and Fi), Te is the one that I have the most difficulty understanding/empathizing with. It’s not like it’s “bad” or anything–I mean, it’s a perfectly valid cognitive function just like all the others!–but it somehow clashes with my personality more than the others do. I can usually empathize with Ne-doms, Si-doms, and Fi-doms pretty easily, but Te-doms are more of a struggle.


        • Haha, yes :-)

          But we’re both Ni-dominant, so that makes it much easier to relate. Plus, I’m really used to your type already, because my mom and my sister are both INTJs as well.



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