Percy Weasley: ESTJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Percy Weasley ESTJ | Harry Potter #MBTI #ESTJ

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Percy consistently puts himself in situations where he is the boss: he supervises his younger siblings, he is a prefect and eventually Head Boy at Hogwarts, and he quickly rises to leadership positions when he starts working at the Ministry of Magic.  He places paramount value on achievement, and hates it when anyone drags him down when he’s aiming for the top.  Once Percy starts going to work, he puts in long hours, takes work home, and talks about little but his job.  Of the Weasley children, only Percy puts effort into making sure they all leave on time for the Hogwarts Express.  Percy likes order, and he goes to great pains to enforce it using his leadership positions at Hogwarts, always trying to shut down any disturbance as soon as it starts.


Introverted Sensing (Si): Although Percy revels in his authority, he would never break any rule to gain or enhance it.  In his mind, rules are made to followed, and every one is there for a purpose (whether he knows the purpose or not).  Percy tends to lionize his superiors, viewing them practically as demigods who can do no wrong, even turning his back on his family when they continue to support “The Boy Who Lived,” all because the Ministry of Magic no longer does.  He is attuned to shifts in the balance of power, and he can adapt accordingly so that he will not be frozen out of important matters (Si-Ne).  Percy doesn’t usually consider the big picture in what he is doing, and considers the more mundane governmental functions (like setting cauldron thickness) to be just as important as the glamorous Quidditch World Cup.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Percy can be impulsive in his weaker moments; he bets that the Gryffindor Quidditch team will win an important match when he doesn’t have the money to pay if he loses.  He always considers his superiors to be right (Si), and he can always provide an explanation for why a certain superior is right.  Percy can speculate accurately on what his superiors want, but it can take him a very long time to figure out when something is wrong; he is even investigated early in his career when he fails to notice that his boss is “going mad” (in truth, he’s under a curse).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): As Albus Dumbledore explains it, Percy finds it easier to forgive people for being wrong than for being right.  He generally cares only about himself, and he even cuts ties with his family when he feels that his father’s reputation is hampering his own career.  He is emotionally immature, and prone to angry outbursts when annoyed.  When Percy gets a girlfriend, he conceals their relationship for as long as he possibly can.

Author’s Note: Percy is mostly assumed to be an ISTJ because of his largely undeveloped Ne.  However, both of Percy’s lower functions are very weak; he’s just immature all around.  Percy is definitely a Te-dom; he sees responsibility and authority as pleasures, not just duties.


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  1. Ooh, I think I was the one who requested Percy, thanks for typing him! (Even though he’s less popular than the other characters, I found him fascinating and complex.) I was easily able to tell he was an STJ–he seems like a stereotypical STJ, doesn’t he? Before I saw this, I wasn’t sure whether he’d be ESTJ or ISTJ, because, as you said, both his Ne and Fi are weak. But another way I thought of it was, is he judging-dominant (Te-dom) or perceiving-dominant (Si-dom)? Oh, he very much looks like judging dominant, hence ESTJ. He’s similar to earlier Hermione, also ESTJ.

    Percy is the most different from his siblings, and most like his mother, the only other ESxJ in the family, afaik.


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