Bryan Mills: ESTJ


Bryan Mills ESTJ: Taken MBTI

Te: Bryan is a man of action, and not the spontaneous kind –precise, calculated action. He likes to schedule out his life (and other people’s) and prefers to have a plan for everything. His decisions are rooted in logic, and he can set aside emotion to do what is necessary in tough situations. In any crisis, his first response is to root out the most direct solution to the problem and implement it. He’s good at giving precise instructions to other people and expects them to deliver their end of every deal. If they don’t, he has no problem coercing them to do so. He likes to think through his thoughts out loud.

Bryan Mills ESTJ: Taken MBTI

Si: Bryan is detail oriented and pragmatic. He always has an itinerary and expects other people (his daughter) to have one as well. He relies on past experience when it comes to decision-making, He doesn’t easily adjust to the vast difference between regular life and his high stakes job, which ultimately leads to the failure of his marriage. Bryan collects and stores information for later use against people or to help him get what he wants (Si storing, Te for action).

Bryan Mills ESTJ: Taken MBTI

Ne: Bryan can see behind the lines and occasionally gets hunches about broader situations. He’s able to predict potential problems and extrapolate to avoid them. He can revise his detailed plans as the situation calls for it. He isn’t majorly interested in theory or ideas, but rather prefers to use his intuition to aid in his task-oriented lifestyle.

Bryan Mills ESTJ: Taken MBTI

Fi: Bryan’s first instinct isn’t to consult his feelings, yet his personal feelings are his primary, underlying drive for everything he does. Nothing is more important to him than his family, and his actions reflect that clearly. His relationship with his ex failed supposedly because she perceived him as emotionally detached and a workaholic (classic Te dom). He expresses love through actions.


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