Ender Wiggin as an Asexual Character

I promised these posts over two years ago…here they finally are.

Ender Wiggin As an Asexual Character

Sexuality as a theme is often ignored in the Ender’s Game series, but from the Piggie’s reproductive cycle to Ender’s perpetual lack of sexual relationships, the theme is ever present. One by one, I’m going to analyse each of the relationships between Ender and other people that showed potential for romance or sexuality and discuss how Ender acts as a perfect example of an asexual fictional character. Continue reading

Valentine Wiggin: INFJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Valentine Wiggin INFJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Ni: Valentine has little difficulty keeping Demosthenes a secret for over 3000 years. She’s an incredibly focused person, and tends to be a bit of a workaholic. As a working mom, she regrets not spending more time with her children, Continue reading

Novinha – Ender’s Game: ISTJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Other factors to keep in mind: PTSD

Si: She’s capable of holding long-term, committed grudges. She has an extremely difficult time letting go of pretty much everything from her past. Yeah, her parents died when she was a kid, but she never, ever, ever lets go of that. In fact, she lets it turn her into an icy, cold, and even hateful person (yet, she doesn’t show signs of PTSD). Her first impressions of Ender, she directly relates to Libo and her past experience. Though Novinha is an idealist, her practicality is her strongest trait. She’s practical enough to give up some of her strongest desires to protect people.

Te: In comparison to Novinha, Ender seems like an F dom, but in reality, they’re both Te users. From a young age, Novinha is filled with ambition that leads her to want to take control of Lusitania’s zenobiology department before she’s ready. She likes to be in control of her situation and lashes out at others when she feels she’s Continue reading

Bean Delphiki: INTJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Bean Delphinki INTJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Ni: Bean, like Ender, is a strategist. When Ender sets him up to be hated by the other boys, Bean sees through the ploy just as easily as Ender did when the same thing was done to him. Bean thinks very quickly and deeply. He has an original mind that comes invaluable both in Battle School and in the Bugger War (and later, as the Hegemon’s shadow). Bean is one of the few people that Ender trusts enough to confide in. Continue reading

Mazer Rackam: ISTP

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Mazer Rackham ISTP | Ender's Game MBTI

Dominant Ti: Though it’s clear Mazer loves Ender, he doesn’t really attempt to become Ender’s friend. When he first begins as Ender’s teacher, he teaches without saying a word to Ender. He doesn’t really explain much of the facts, but prefers to analyze everything unless Ender brings up a specific factual question. Rather, Mazer thinks facts are obvious and would rather not discuss the obvious. If Ender’s ideas aren’t working, he doesn’t hesitate to criticize. Continue reading

Peter Wiggin: ENTJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Peter Wiggin ENTJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Dominant Te: Peter is a long-term planner with a specific set of goals in view. Immediately upon figuring out what he wants, Peter devises steps to get what he wants and goes after it with precision. Peter has an incredible capacity to organize others to the actions that he desires accomplished. He doesn’t ever consider the prospect of failure and measures success by external, objective means. Continue reading

Ender Wiggin: INTJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card


Introverted Intuition (Ni): Ender Wiggin masterfully predicts future dangers and devises and enacts strategies to prevent them from happening. He beats and kills a boy at school in order to prevent all future bullying and eventually does the same with his ‘enemies’ in the bugger-war. Ender has a quick and rapt understanding of how people think and he uses this to his advantage, allowing him to negotiate his way past his superiors whilst in the lower ranks of battle school. Ender processes information from a wide set of logical and ethical angles before making a choice, but once he settles on a decision, he is unwavering Continue reading