Valentine Wiggin: INFJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Valentine Wiggin INFJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Ni: Valentine has little difficulty keeping Demosthenes a secret for over 3000 years. She’s an incredibly focused person, and tends to be a bit of a workaholic. As a working mom, she regrets not spending more time with her children, and at times, it takes a great deal of coaxing to get her to spend time with her husband. As Demosthenes, Valentine is able to visualise what message she needs to convey to the people and what specific steps she needs to carry out in order to convince them. Her narrow focus makes her intensely good at this.

Valentine Wiggin INFJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Fe: Valentine is well known as an incredibly compassionate and loving character, but at the same time, she is also just as manipulative as Peter. She manipulates Ender to protect him from Peter, but also to keep him in battle school. Unlike Peter however, Valentine uses subtle manipulation disguised behind kind words and encouragement. She can influence the mood of people in a room, make them switch nearly instantly from agitated to comfortable. She’s also able to coax information out of Miro by making him trust her. As Demosthenes, she is able to manipulate the world views and epistemological perspectives throughout the entire ansible connected universe.

Valentine Wiggin INFJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Ti: Val is incredibly intelligent, but doesn’t always make logical connections quite as quickly as Ender, or even Miro when he and Jane are trying to explain Jane’s theory about souls to her. Val relies primarily on her intuition to figure things out, and her logic is based purely on what makes sense to her internally.

Valentine Wiggin INFJ | Ender's Game MBTI Se: Valentine, like Ender, is little affected by spending long years apart from her brother, and when they come back together, it’s like nothing has changed. They simply go back to being like they were. She can drop her life and leave at a moment’s notice without regretting it or having any hesitations.

Editor’s Note: Valentine is regularly typed as an INFP, but…by people who have only read Ender’s Game, and not the rest of the series. They don’t know how much of an Fe-manipulator Valentine is.


4 thoughts on “Valentine Wiggin: INFJ

  1. Fe user, it appears all throught the story and it’s her main drive. It’s been some time since I read the books but she is one of the very few chracters I as an ENFJ could really relate (before knowing mbti) and well, really there aren’t many of them. Yes, with INFJ we have the same functions and many things common, but I could never relate to them.
    It’s also clear that Ender is an INFJ, aka balance between thinking and feeling. It’s easy to misinpretend his pretty well integrated personality as another type.


  2. I just started reading Ender’s Game and I love the story and characters.

    I have trouble understanding how Valentine could be a Fi user. It was really clear to me while reading the first book that she was a Fe manipulator and the author seemed to be really direct about that throughout (when she first decides to collaborate with Peter on Demosthenes and Locke). Out of the Wiggins, I sometimes fear Valentine the most.


  3. Finally, years after reading the first two books of the Saga I made myself finish it. It’s a good enough pretext for writing a comment here, especially since there are no comments on your Ender’s Saga typings. And that’s a pity, because they’re all excelent!
    I remember coming here having enough of mistyping Card’s characters – more Peter than Valentine though, the mere existance of people mistyping such a clear-shot ENTJ as an ENTP never ceases to amuse me – or even saying there’s “too little data for them to be typed”. Your analysis of Valentine’s character is very reviving, especially in pointing out the Fe manipulation (dare I say, NiFe manipulation?).


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