How do you type characters that are in both movies and books?

See my About page.

How can I find a character that’s already been typed?

You can find any character that’s already been typed in the Character Directory. Or, if you want faster results, check the search box, “find stuff,” in the sidebar. It should take you directly to any character that is already in the system.

Why hasn’t my question/character/request been answered yet?

Characters typically take a while to get posted simply because the request queue is so backed up. Typically, you can count on 6-12 months, but presently there’s a hold due to overflow and life circumstances that have prevented me from getting to the queue in a timely fashion. I am currently working on catching up on the backlog so we can get back to normal. Questions are queued separately but are still required to fit into the same post schedule as characters.

Why didn’t my comment show up when I submitted it?

All first-time commenters must be approved before any of your comments will show up on this blog. This is merely to prevent spam and explicit comments from coming through.

Also, if you ask a question in the comments that should have been asked in the Ask an INTJ section, it may never show up in the comments.

Why doesn’t a character in the Directory have a link to their page?

Three possibilities:

  1. The character is part of the queue, which means they’ve been requested but not typed yet
  2. I made an actual mistake when I set up the links
  3. The character typing was published more recently than the “last updated” date on the Character Directory

If the latter is true, you will be able to find the character using the search box. If not, you’ll just have to be patient and wait for the character to be published.

What is your Typology method? And do you type from the books or the movies?

Was titling the blog, The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI, a subtle choice? For more info about my typing method, see my About page.

Questions about INTJs?

Check out the Understanding Your INTJ Friend page for helpful info.

Can you be Two Types? Or can your Personality Change?

  1. Is it possible to have 2 personalities?
  2. Does personality type change over time?

9 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. So I requested some characters from the anime pokemon a while back, but then I lost my Gmail account and had to make a whole new one, losing my original account, so I had to create a whole new one and now I can’t access the characters the I requested that a guest wrote because there a spade right beside some of them. So is there any way to fix this?


    • It’s first-come-first-serve, so if there’s a spade next to them, the other person got there first. I would still have the emails of yours, I’m assuming.


  2. Hello, I really like your blog, and taking the opportunity, I’m an INFP and I wonder if it is possible to develop the Te function? How? I really like to know how to use personal development and achieve my ambitions. Thank you for your attention, I hope to answer.


  3. Hello
    This is probably a question that should be asked in the Ask an INTJ section but since it’s not up I’ll ask it in the comments. I’ve taken a lot of mbti tests and I always get INTP and when I say always I mean always. Thing is I am NOT an INTP. I have this thing where I need to be different and someone once told me I was an INTJ so I decided I wasn’t. Based off of this information can you tell me anything about what you think my type is?


  4. Hi, I have taken the MBTI test multiple times and always get either INTJ or INTP, my P/J percentile is usually about 51%. I have read just about every website and advice column available and I am having trouble figuring out which one I am since both seem a LOT like me. Even the differences seem to both fit me in a weird way. I am not sure what to do. Any advice?


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