Pursuing Goals: Ni vs Ne

Guest post by whatisfreethen, INTP

Ni may be able to follow a single idea to completion, it wouldn’t be fair to say that Ne’s can’t. It’s just that Ne ideas tend to be either more short term or fantastical than Ni. Also if an Ne can’t immediately execute an idea, it tends to get overcrowded by a flood of new ideas and never gets reconsidered. Or it tends to build up and become even more implausible than it was.

INTJ friend: So, what have you thought about writing that book together?

Me: How about one of us leans an animating software, and one learns sound effects, get some voice actors, and instead we make an animated movie?

Him: Maybe I’ll just write it myself.

Ni’s hate this because they spent all night thinking about the idea that the Ne almost immediately overthrew with something they made up right there.

Ne may not be the best at sticking to the plan, but it does give them an advantage at dealing with crisis situations. Of course, in physical ‘house on fire’ crisis situations, they can be beat, by Se’s, but in ‘company losing money fast need new product immediately’ crisis situations, they can’t be beat. Also most of Ne’s ideas don’t happen because they lack the resources to start immediately, not because they lack the will. Given a little time and resources, that animated movie might end up happening.


2 thoughts on “Pursuing Goals: Ni vs Ne

  1. Dealing with a crisis situation, or having ideas, however, is not about “pursuing goals”. I would’ve liked to hear from you how your functions work together to make your pursue yours.


  2. Hmmm. I know an ESFP and an ENFP. Though the ESFP doesn’t have Ne, they still come off to me as an ‘idea generator’, albeit, more of physical. Both of them are constantly talking out loud about their plans/ideas for everyone to listen to and respond on. Will an INTP’s Ne be so….needy for the repose of others? I can see them getting advice from a trusted friend, especially a practical ESTJ who can help them understand how to implement the things they’re thinking about. But do they share their ideas with a lot of people?


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