Harold Chasen – Harold and Maude: INTJ

Harold and Maude

Harold Chasen INTJ | Harold and Maude #MBTI #INTJ

Ni: No matter who it is that’s trying, nobody can convince Harold to take the course of conventional lifestyle, and if they try to force it on him, he acts to prevent it. Harold likes to play games with people, testing their gullibility and sense of humour with his suicides. He is obsessive about the world of death, suicide and funerals and spends his free time exploring that world.

Harold Chasen INTJ | Harold and Maude #MBTI #INTJ

Te: Harold doesn’t like other people to be in control of his life, and deliberately acts in defiance of his mother every time her she tries to assert dominance in the direction his life is taking. Harold doesn’t share his opinions with words, but usually makes them quite clear through his actions. He’s somewhat discouraged when he realizes that his fake suicides aren’t having the same affect on his mother that they once did.

Harold Chasen INTJ | Harold and Maude #MBTI #INTJ

Fi: He’s conscious of his difference from society and wishes at times that he could fit in better. However, when it comes down to it, he always acts according to what he wants for himself, faking suicide to disturb his mother, replacing the car she buys him, spoiling the dates she sets up etc. He doesn’t give his affections or share his feelings readily.

Harold Chasen INTJ | Harold and Maude #MBTI #INTJ

Se: Harold enjoys theatricality and faking his suicide in order to get a reaction out of people. He knows how to act and uses it to his advantage by pretending to be psychopathic in order to avoid being drafted into the war.

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  1. His clothing style is weird. He’s got dominant or auxiliary Ne somewhere in there.

    And get well soon.


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