Once Again, Widening the Blog Focus…

The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI | #MTBIAs always, I’m making changes to the way this blog is being run. Currently, my followers are all conscious and aware of the Meyers Briggs theory. However, I’d like to target the focus to a more literary audience, not making it requisite for readers to have a background understanding of MBTI before they reach my site.

That’s why I’ve written Your Guide to MBTI –because I’m hoping that newcomers with little knowledge of MBTI will wander in and learn about it.

That said, I’m going to keep up all the same post-types that I’ve previously done in the past, but I’ll also be adding in various new types as well. As to the questions –go ahead and keep asking them. The only real change I will be making in that regard is that I won’t include the question itself in the header more than I actually have to.

In other words, I’m formalizing just a tid.

If you’re wondering what kind of “new” posts I might be doing, think along the lines of literary discussion (both in literature and film). Most likely, I’ll gradually wean into it, so you probably won’t see major changes right away, but anyway, that’s the jist of what I plan to do.

I mean, I figure I might as well utilize my knowledge of English more often considering that it is my area of collegiate study.