Wilhelm Winter: ISTJ

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter

Factors to keep in mind: PTSD

Generation War Wilhelm ISTJ MBTI

Si: Commitments are important to Wilhelm, and he frequently judges others against socially accepted standards. Until late into the war, his pragmatism comes before ideals. He prefers to take approaches that he is familiar with, and is uncomfortable when he realizes that experience isn’t going to help him in this war. He cares about traditions, and while his brother is stealing a uniform off a dead man to keep warm (NiSe), he’s cutting down a Christmas tree (Si).

Generation War Wilhelm ISTJ MBTI

Te: Wilhelm is a natural leader (until his mental breakdown), often complimented on his “operation” by his superiors. He’s good at organizing others to follow orders and knows how to make tough, objective decisions when presented with them. For the first half of the series, he’s emotionally detached and focused on action. Until his heel realization when his F function really starts to develop, he puts the agenda before his own feelings. Ultimately, what assures his emotional breakdown is a lack of firm belief that he can maintain control over his life.

Generation War Wilhelm ISTJ MBTI

Fi: Wilhelm’s patriotism deteriorates as he defines his own moral code, eventually leading him to desertion (i.e. hardship strengthens his principles). He’s more aware of his own feelings than other people’s. He hides his love from Charly not to protect her, but to protect himself. From the start, he’s against killing the innocent, but does it anyway because his F function isn’t developed yet. Even in the beginning, his superiors always want a word with him to rat him out for civilly defying orders.

Generation War Wilhelm ISTJ MBTI

Ne: He often attempts to predict how events will develop, but does so based off of past experience (SiNe), and is often wrong.  He prefers to think of the future as a series of possibilities, but under stress ends up focusing with certainty on the negative potentials. Occasionally, he has a lucky hunch, but usually doesn’t act on it quick enough to save anyone.

The version of Generation War that I own has mediocre English subtitles and my German skills are a bit rusty, so it’s possible that in translation, I’ve misinterpreted some things. As far as I’m aware however, they’re pretty accurate.


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