Primrose Everdeen: ESFJ

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Prim ESFJ | THe Hunger Games MBTI

Dominant Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Prim loves to help others even as a little girl. She acts as a nurse and rescues animals. She adjusts her behaviour to make other people comfortable has a strong influence over other people’s feelings. She has a natural understanding of social graces and often has prime advice for Katniss. She’s introspective and thoughtful, but doesn’t talk about her feelings. Prim needs to work through issues by herself, but is willing to be there for other people when they need someone to listen to and guide them. She often has a difficult time saying no to people and often trusts too readily.

Prim ESFJ | THe Hunger Games MBTI

Auxiliary Introverted Sensing (Si): She compares the past to the present when she makes judgements. During Peeta’s capture Capitol, she’s aware before Katniss that they’re using him to break her (a judgement she’s made based on past experience). She’s a much healthier Si-user than Katniss, so her judgements of the world are less biassed and her functions more balanced. She often gives Katniss advice on how to talk to people and keep in line with social graces.

Prim ESFJ | THe Hunger Games MBTI

Tertiary Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Prim often comes up with ideas that are useful to Katniss, and she can definitely postulate interesting possibilities. However, she prefers deal with the realities in front of her pragmatically by using approaches that she’s familiar with (Si). Prim is Katniss’s shining light in a dark world. She has a realistic view of the world, able to recognise both the good and the bad and still keep a level head.

Prim ESFJ | THe Hunger Games MBTI

Inferior Introverted Thinking (Ti): Prim learns everything she can about medicine. She doesn’t have difficulty holding conflicting ideas in her head because she would rather understand everything than take a side. Most of her thoughts remain below the surface.

She’s been typed as xNFP and ENFJ. Prim doesn’t use Fi and she definitely doesn’t use Ni. Her Ne is not dominant, ergo, she is not an NF. She’s a very mature ESFJ.


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