9 MBTI Typing Mistakes Tumblr Makes

9 MBTI Typing Mistakes Tumblr Makes

Credit: quotes & bullets borrowed from celebritytypes.com and expounded upon in an understandable format

If you haven’t already, read my Mistyping post for further input on what mistakes to avoid when typing people.

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How to figure out someone’s MBTI type in Conversation

How to figure out someone's MBTI type in a conversation |#MBTI

So you’re obsessed with MBTI? Sounds familiar.

You’ve probably wondered whether there are some simple tricks to figuring out a person’s MBTI using only conversation. There’s no ultimate master trick that will make it so that you can instantly tell someone’s type. However, there are several techniques you can use to be faster and more accurate at it.

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Easy Ways Differentiate Between MBTI Functions

So you’re new to the Meyers-Briggs theory. You’re totally clueless and looking everywhere for an extremely simplified explanation of the Jungian cognitive functions.

Guess what, you came to the right place!

Welcome to the watered down method for telling the difference between MBTI functions. Keep in mind that it’s not a method you want to rely on long-term, as it’s always best to learn as much as you can about the MBTI theory. However, this does happen to be a great way to get started on identifying the cognitive functions, so here we go. Continue reading

The MBTI Functions for Dummies

Each of the 16 Types has:

  • a thinking function (how your logic system is derived)
  • a feeling function (how you experience emotion)
  • a sensing function (how you intake information and stimuli)
  • an intuitive function (how you make connections and judgements)

Each of these functions has two subcategories, extraverted and introverted, of which your type will have only one. Continue reading