Beth Latimer – Broadchurch: ISFJ


Broadchurch MBTI

Dominant Si: Beth has a very difficult time letting go of Danny (as any mother would), and even considers the idea of abortion because she doesn’t want to feel as though she’s replacing Danny. She is happiest when her family is together, safe and getting along. She doesn’t want to try to figure out how to cope on her own, but rather seeks out the advice of someone who has already experienced the same things she has. She is often either over-trusting or being overly suspicious.

Broadchurch MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Beth has strong feelings, but doesn’t always understand them. Where her husband can put a name to what he is feeling, Beth spends much of the time in confusion as to whether she’s angry, sad or just plain dying on the inside. Beth needs to talk about her feelings, and confides in Rev. Coates. She also seeks out a marriage counsellor.

Broadchurch MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Beth has to spend the day doing menial tasks about the house to prevent herself from constantly analysing her loss of Danny. She doesn’t want messages to be warped or distorted by sensationalism, and is careful what she tells the reporters.


Inferior Ne: Beth tries to draw connections to figure out who killed Danny, but she’s rarely right. Some of the possibilities that she considers in trying to fix her situation aren’t’ always very plausible.