Ellie Miller – Broadchurch: ESTJ


Ellie Miller ESTJ | Broadchurch MBTI

Dominant Te: Ellie Miller likes to be in charge, and reacts with anger when she finds out the Alek Hardy got her job. She needs empirical evidence to believe a lot of things, but doesn’t always seek it out in the right places because she doesn’t want to suspect the people she loves. She has a hard time emotionally accepting her husband as Danny’s murderer, but when presented the facts, she believes without question. She is incredibly focused, but is still able to separate her work life from her home life (unlike Hardy). She prioritizes her time and doesn’t let other people discourage her from her work.

Ellie Miller ESTJ | Broadchurch MBTI

Auxiliary Si: Miller doesn’t like surprises. She knows how things are and how they have been and doesn’t want them to change. When plans don’t work out the way she expects, she has intense emotional reactions (understandably trying to beat her husband when she finds out what he is). She likes to follow familiar, comfortable approaches and doesn’t always approve of Alek Hardy’s methods for getting information. She always explains her reasoning for everything and can’t understand Hardy’s secretiveness. She finds meaning in her time with her family and sets aside time for it every day.

Ellie Miller ESTJ | Broadchurch MBTI

Tertiary Ne: Intuition is Miller’s weakest function, so it doesn’t always show up. She is interested in new ideas, but needs to talk about them in order to accept and understand them. She isn’t always open to the potential people that Hardy suggests as suspects and has difficulty finding morality in his ability to look at everyone purely objectively. Miller tends to think in tangibles, and doesn’t accept anything without evidence.

Ellie Miller ESTJ | Broadchurch MBTI

Inferior Fi: Miller’s beliefs about right and wrong are set in stone. She thinks of her principles in black and white and tends to think that other people ought to think of morality in the same way that she does. As a result, she has a difficult time understanding how Hardy can believe anyone capable of murder under the right circumstances. She doesn’t dwell too much on her emotions, but prefers to look at the world through a logical lens.

Miller is much less of your stereotypical ESTJ than most, but she definitely fits the functions.


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