Remus Lupin: INFJ

Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

Remus Lupin INFJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Dominant Ni: Lupin comes up with out-of-the-box methods of teaching and knows how to engage his students in ways that the other teachers can’t. He’s very intuitive about people and often knows things about them that they don’t know about themselves. He’s big picture oriented in both good and bad ways. He has an intense focus when he needs to, but at times can allow himself to obsess over guilt that he really doesn’t need to feel, as well as in fear of his own potential. He’s good at problem solving, both when it comes to figuring out who to trust and figure out how to help Harry through his troubles.

Remus Lupin INFJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Lupin is incredibly loyal to those he trusts and is willing to compromise his own personal feelings to accommodate them (he doesn’t like Snape, but is willingly kind to him for Dumbledore’s sake). He willingly sacrifices his teaching position because he wants to protect his students. He doesn’t always stand up for himself, and didn’t stand up for Snape as a kid because he wanted so deeply to be liked by his friends. Lupin is good at seeing all the positive qualities in other people and is willing to give them a chance to prove themselves where other people would simply ditch them.

Remus Lupin INFJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Lupin doesn’t rely on established threads of logic, but prefers to sort through problems based on his own internal logic. For instance, when Harry is having trouble with the dementors, he presents a non-conventional method for dealing with the problem by teaching Harry how to produce a patrons long before students usually do.

Remus Lupin INFJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Inferior Se: Lupin likes to surround himself with good people, but doesn’t always like to spend too much time in largely populated areas. He is very observant of people, and this feeds his intuition, helping him to come to accurate pictures of them. When under stress, he has a tendency to wallow in his pain.


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