Kurt Wallander: INFJ


Wallander MBTI

Dominant Ni: Kurt Wallander instinctually knows when something isn’t right. He can typically tell which direction a case is headed before he’s even examined the clues in depth. This, of course, doesn’t stop him from checking to make sure he’s right, but he typically is fairly close to the truth. He’s open to possibility, and frequently brings up possibilities that no one else considered. As he says, “it’s a possibility –everything’s a possibility.” He has laser focus and has trouble stopping thinking about a case until he finishes it (even when he’s out to dinner or talking to his daughter). He loves metaphors and finding meaning behind everything, “You can hear people in a room when they’re not there.” He relies on intuition when talking to people, and then afterward considers the evidence to put together logical conclusions.

Wallander MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Wallander is strongly effected by the emotions of others, and though he manages to remain calm while talking to them, he internalizes their suffering so much that he can’t handle it. He doesn’t enjoy making statements to the public because of the impact he knows it will have on victim’s families. He frequently breaks down in tears in public and desperately needs to talk through his feelings in order to cope with them. He goes to his daughter as a confident, and is fortunate to have her support. Wallander has the strong tendency to put other people’s feelings before his own, to the point that his daughter worries constantly about his well being. “Does there always have to be something more important than you having a life?”

Wallander MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Wallander would like things to run more efficiently, and gets annoyed when people give him information that isn’t relevant to the case. At the same time, he has trouble keeping a schedule and making time for anything other than work. He’s able to set aside feelings so that he can ask necessary questions (though he can’t handle the emotions once he gets away). He’s good at putting a finger on what is occurring around him and is an excellent analyst.

Wallander MBTI

Inferior Se: Wallander is very aware of his external environment. He makes quick in-the-moment observations, and uses them to piece together his conclusions. He often has to return to a site to look at something again because he needs visuals to feed his intuition. Under stress, he forgets to take care of himself and needs to be reminded by his daughter to take time for himself. He is perfectly attuned to tackling physical stunts, but is frequently overstimulated by too much action and emotional drama.

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