Bilbo Baggins: ESFJ

The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings, J.R.R Tolkien


Dominant Fe: Bilbo, despite the fact that he doesn’t want the dwarves in his house, is reluctant to send them away. Notwithstanding his dislike for the idea of adventuring, he still decides to help the dwarves out with their quest. He carefully thinks before speaking because he doesn’t want to offend others and finds it easy to adapt his behavior to suit the needs of people/creatures very different from himself. This comes in very handy when he comes into contact with Gollum and Smaug (and especially –the dwarves!). Even though he is usually careful not to offend, Bilbo doesn’t go so far as to allow this to control him. He’s quite adept at asserting his opinions, whether it’s disagreeing with Thorin’s plans or simply stepping in to negotiate his friends out of a nasty spot.


Auxiliary Si: Bilbo’s hobbit hole is the epitome of past sentiment. It’s filled with well loved heirlooms which he’s extremely sensitive about. He’s one who would love to spend his entire life sitting by the fire, bundled up in his pajamas, sipping cocoa and re-reading a favorite book. He’s a very traditional person, and spends a great deal of time thinking about the past (as an older hobbit, he writes a book about the adventures of his past). He’s methodical in his approach and always considers his past in problem solving and decision making.

Bilbo Baggins ESFJ MBTI

Tertiary Ne: Bilbo is quick-minded and advantage by his ability to recognize the larger picture of what is happening around him. Even when the dwarves feel that they’ve failed, Bilbo realizes that there is still another way into Smaug’s lair. He intuitively senses what clouds are brewing in other’s heads and responds to their behavioral changes as needed. He’s able to outwit Gollum because he loves new ideas (in this case in the form of riddles). He often acts on hunch-like ideas, and is usually right.

Bilbo Baggins ESFJ MBTI

Inferior Ti: Bilbo under stress is a hobbit who wants specific explanations for everything. He doesn’t have difficulty holding conflicting ideas in his head and thus, is slow to take sides. He is interested in understanding everyone around him, but has a hard time putting up with those who are emotionally detached or who make decisions based on personal-gain, rather than universal benefit (Thorin).


One thought on “Bilbo Baggins: ESFJ

  1. It’s backwards. Bilbo is an INTP.

    He has inferior Fe. He has no idea what to do when the dwarves come to his place and tries to rely on his rote-learned manners, leading to much hillarity. Compare that to what would happen if the dwarves came to Pippin’s place?

    Bilbo is a strategic thinker (NT). That is why he was chosen for the quest. He deals with people in a strategic manner for a particular outcome.

    Above all Bilbo is an introvert. Remember at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings where he wants to be alone without his confounded relatives banging on the door all day?

    Also, he can’t make a decision (P).


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